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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is with delight that we are writing this letter to you in regards to the superior service we received during our recent move from San Diego to Ogden, Utah on October 1, 2013. 

Most of our furnishings are Asian antiques with intricate and delicate details throughout.  We realized they were vulnerable but were reassured from the outset by the Oakley Relocation representative, Jim Wilkinson, that our items would receive the gentlest of care.  On moving day, the North American driver/team lead, Johnny Rosario again reassured us that we were in very caring hands.

Jim Wilkinson made the statement that “you will be amazed at how respectfully and carefully the movers are… they are professionals.” That statement proved true!

 From our first encounter with Jim to the subsequent calls and meetings for advice on packing, Jim was courteous, professional, and thorough.  He took time explaining every step of the move and what we needed to do to make the move successful.  His attention to detail and professionalism stood out remarkably from the other three moving companies that provided estimates for our move.  Jim provides excellent customer service.

When moving day arrived, Johnny Rosario and his team (Fernando Dominguez, and Dean Keaton) showed up precisely as scheduled, friendly, eager and energetic beyond imagination!  Johnny announced that we were all a team and was skilled at providing direction.  It was obvious how much respect each of the team had for Johnny and that respectful team included us!  We were treated to the same terrific treatment on the delivery end as well.

We are both professionals in senior management and we can spot skilled leadership.  We are inspired to write this letter to comment on Johnny’s natural flair for leading in a calm and professional manner.  His professionalism, friendly style, reassurance, and ability to manage a stressful situation while putting us at ease are remarkable.

Our move went without a problem from my first phone call to Oakley in San Diego to the final departure of the North American Van from our new home in Ogden.

A sincere “Thank you!” and “Wow!”  What an awesome job your company and staff did.  Please recognize your movers well.  We applaud their dedication.  Attached are photos of Johnny and his team during the offload in Ogden. Left to right: Dean Keaton (on ground); Fernando Dominguez; Johnny Rosario; Covis Law (Ogden-based contract mover)

Most sincerely,

Dr. Pamela Chapman

Assisted Living Moving

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Oakley Relocation specializes in helping seniors and their families when moving to a new residence, nursing home or retirement community. Our compassionate and caring staff understands the stress involved in making such a move, and excels at providing the personalized service needed to reduce the stress of a move.


Oakley Relocation is a preferred mover of elderly persons and our dedicated sales consultant for these moves is ready to assist. Please contact Stephanie Lewis at 858-432-3960 to learn more about how we can help you.

Oakley Moves Seniors

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Did you know Oakley Relocation specializes in elderly relocation and storage needs in San Diego?

Our compassionate and caring staff understands the stress involved in making such a move, and excels at providing the personalized service needed to reduce the stress of a move. Oakley offers seniors professional moving consultants to help with every step of the way and over 80 years of expertise with packing/unpacking, storage, decluttering and moving services. 

      Oakley Relocation is a preferred mover of elderly persons and our dedicated sales consultant for these moves is ready to assist. Please contact Stephanie Lewis at 858-432-3960 to learn more about how we can help you.

      Packing Tips Video

      Friday, August 02, 2013

      First San Diego Move?

      Saturday, July 20, 2013

      Is this your first move? There are probably a million things to do for your move and you may not be sure where to start. You have heard the horror stories of moving and you are hoping to be the rule to the exception. To avoid the "first move woes" try following these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:

      1. Don't be afraid to ask for help

      You've never moved before, so you're not really sure what you need or what the move is going to be like. So get someone who has moved before and ask for some advice. Whether it's about packing, things you need to bring, or just cleaning tips, an experienced mind can give you some valuable help. You'll be kicking yourself if you realize you forgot to bring a trash can, a blanket, a fan, dishes, silverware, socks, a toothbrush. A second mind can help make sure you have everything you need.

      2. Don’t loose your patience

      Unless you’ve lived on your own before, it’s hard to know how much you eat, especially when you’ve been sharing with your family for your entire life. So when you move to your new place, don’t over-stuff your fridge and cabinets with food because much of it can become spoiled. For the first month, just buy what you need for a few days. At the end of the month you should better be able to judge how much you really eat.

      3. Don't worry

      You probably will feel really exhausted after you move in. This is because you’ve been cleaning, shopping, organizing, working, and going to sleep late. Don’t worry about it. After you’ve really settled in and have everything cleaned and under control, you should get your energy back again. There are several ways you can relax without spending additional funds.

      4. Don't forget to eat

      I said not to worry, but I didn’t say not to eat. You may be so overwhelmed by your first move that you might forget to feed yourself. When you’re done with cleaning for the day, make sure you eat and drink something healthy. You need to replenish your body with healthy nutrients to give you energy. Even though you might not be hungry, you don’t want to go a whole day of cleaning without nourishing yourself. Keep on hand some trail mix, fruit, and water during your move.

      5. Don't forget to do you laundry

      Maybe your mom has been doing laundry for you entire life. During the move, clean clothes could get lost in the shuffle and you need to make sure you have set aside clean clothes for the next few days. You don't want to find yourself realizing you have no clean clothes to wear.

      Good luck on your first move!

      Announcing the 2013 AlliedHR IQ Research / Phase 1

      Friday, July 19, 2013

      For 2013, we will be releasing the first phase (1 of 3) of the AlliedHR IQ research. This phase will focus on the topic of “Telecommuting and Mobility” within the workplace. Given the recent media coverage on Yahoo! and its shift in workplace policies, we think this would be a great stepping stone for AlliedHR IQ in 2013; providing rich data and encouraging/generating dialogue to the talent management community.  Here are some quick highlights from this research:

      After Yahoo’s decision to end telecommuting earlier this year, Allied HR IQ also surveyed HR professionals on how telecommuting is viewed and used in their company with interesting results:

      • 46% of companies surveyed allow telecommuting and nearly 1 in 4 employees on average take advantage of it.
      • 65% of companies allow telecommuting to help employees achieve work-life balance.
      • 9% of companies felt their existing telecommuting policy was strong regardless of the size of the company.
      • A strong telecommuting offering was not a major factor for companies with “highly successful” recruiting programs.
      • Although HR professionals report that their companies’ telecommuting policies are weak, they believe their organizations are relatively strong in providing “flexible working arrangements” (which include flex hours, personal time off, liberal vacation policies, etc.)

      As it relates to mobility, the survey found that 61% of those 30 and under are the most willing to relocate with career advancement and salary increases it as the main drivers while a spouse’s job and children are the main drivers to not relocate.

      We anticipate in releasing the phase 1 research later this week and wanted to give everyone the “first-to-read” opportunity.  This is a perfect time in reaching-out to your B2B leads (specifically your HR contacts / prospects) and sharing these research findings.

      For more background/FAQ about the AlliedHR IQ program, please contact

      Donating Unwanted Clothes Before Your Move

      Friday, July 12, 2013

      One of the silver linings of having to pack up your house and move is having the opportunity to clean out your closets and get rid of random items and accumulated clutter. San Diego movers can help you figure out what items to pack and what to donate to help the less fortunate. Here are three websites to help you get rid of your unwanted clothes.

      1. The Salvation Army accepts gently used items from donors to sell through Family Thrift Centers around the country. These stores not only help the less fortunate by offering items at bargain prices, but the profits also go toward funding rehabilitation centers. The website offers locations for donor centers, arrangements for donation pickups and information about being a volunteer and other ways to help.

      2. Goodwill works in a similar fashion to the Salvation Army, where donated goods are then resold at a Goodwill store for bargain prices with proceeds going to other programs. The organization also organizes programs such as the Put Your Clothes to Work drive, which benefits the less fortunate in finding and keeping a job by helping them acquire appropriate work and interview attire.

      3. While Goodwill and the Salvation Army look to sell donated goods, other organizations use them for different purposes. For instance, homeless shelters will accept donated goods and pass them directly onto their participating members. The clothes and shoes given away by you and your family could be worn the next day by people who need them. This makes an even bigger impact in the winter, as the homeless are often in dire need of winter coats and boots. Use the Homeless Shelter Directory to find an appropriate shelter in your old neighborhood to give away clothes.

      San Diego Moving Testimonial

      Friday, July 05, 2013

      We love hearing why you choose us as your San Diego moving company. Please, drop us a line about our services. Below is a testimonial from a happy mover.

      Hi Traci!  Thanks again for everything; we appreciate all of your assistance on such short notice!! You are the BEST!!! Thanks so much; you are wonderful to work with.



      Great San Diego Moving Company

      Friday, June 28, 2013

      To this San Diego moving company nothing  is better than knowing we have made a move easier on you. Check out this moving email about a San Diego mover.

      From: Tai Kmak
      Sent: Monday, April 08, 2013 2:48 PM
      To: Linda Oakley; Tom Oakley; Travis Oakley
      Subject: James Donnelly


      I just took a call from Mrs. Jane Murphy; she wanted you to know how great James was. Her husband of 45 years died at Christmas (at this point she started crying) and she was dreading the move. She said that James made it so pleasant and made her feel so much better that she wanted his superiors to be aware of how great he is. 


      Tai Kmak

      Customer Service Representative

      Atlas Transfer & Storage Co.
      Agent for Allied Van Lines
      P.O. Box 503810, San Diego, CA 92150-3810
      Phone: 800-854-2938   x3115
      Fax: 858-513-3900

      Serving Southern California Since 1925

      Merry Mover

      Thursday, June 20, 2013

      As a San Diego moving company nothing makes us happier than a happy customer. As such, we enjoy nothing more than to hear from you about how well we are doing. Check out the following testimonial from another happy San Diego mover.

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Daniel
      Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 9:27 AM
      To: Jerry Cooper
      Subject: RE: Re: Thank you



      It was nice meeting you on Tuesday.  When I read your email, it pretty much made the decision for me.  I will be using Allied to move me out to Iowa.  They came in at around the same price but had loading dates that matched what I needed and delivery times that went with my work and moving schedules.  Thanks for taking the time to come out and give me a quote and keeping me updated.



      Daniel  Cellini

      American Moving and Storage Association California Moving & Storage Association 

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      We maintain an A+ rating!

      Check it out here.

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