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Fun Things to Do in San Diego with Kids

Aug 04, 2017

Looking to Spend a Creative, Educational Day with your Kids in Downtown San Diego?

Located in the heart of Downtown San Diego, the New Children’s Museum opened in 2008 in a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly building designed exclusively for kids of all ages.

The New Diego Children’s Museum of San Diego is a dynamic model of a museum celebrating both children and the arts. The museum empowers kids of all ages to think, play and create through engaging exhibitions, hands-on art projects, artistic performances and educational opportunities.

From toddler to preteen, there is something for every age group. The new Children’s Museum inspires fresh ways to explore the world through the “language of art.”


Helpful Tips for Visiting the New Children’s Museum:

  • Budget Plenty of Time: Set aside at least three to four hours to enjoy the museum.  Many families spend the entire day!
  • Explore every inch. The museum is split up into galleries and studios covering three floors, with a range of rooms designed for kids of all ages.
  • Dress comfortable! Kids have the opportunity to paint, participate in a photo shoot, build tents, work with artists, act on stage, climb walls and much more.
  • Ask for directions. If you don’t know where to start, ask for the color-coded cards at the Admissions Desk. Each card takes you on a tour of the Museum depending on your interests. For example, there is a card for those who short on time at the museum, a card for those who enjoy contemporary art, a card for the older crowds, and a card for kids who are always on the move.

Check out their website in order to plan your visit today –

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