Top 10 Insights for a Smooth San Diego-to-Denver Relocation

Essential Information for Your Move from San Diego to Denver

Jan 19, 2023

Denver skyline across city park in autumn

Named one of the fastest-growing U.S. cities in 2022, Denver is a destination location for many San Diego natives. Sunny weather, beautiful natural surroundings, and a diverse culture make the Mile High City an attractive place to move, whether you are pursuing a new job, seeking proximity to family, or simply looking for a new adventure. Before you pack up your belongings, however, make sure you know what to expect when you move. Here are 10 of the most important things to know before moving from San Diego to Denver. 

Navigating the Cost of Living and Housing Trends

As one of the most expensive cities in the United States, San Diego can present certain financial obstacles, especially when it comes to housing. In 2022, the median home price in the city was a whopping $850,000.

The good news is that relocating to Denver means spending less in every area of your life – Especially housing. With a cost of living that is up to 40 percent lower than San Diego, Denver makes it easier to live, and to indulge in life’s little extras.

When it comes to housing, you can also expect to save significantly. The median 2022 home price in Denver was only $561,000, meaning that you can get more house for the same price you were paying in San Diego. Or, you may be able to afford a home for the first time by relocating to the Mile High City. 

Delighting in Denver’s Culinary Scene

Hand Dipping French Fries in Ketchup with Mini Cheeseburger Sliders

If San Diego’s diverse and mouth-watering food choices are central to your experience in the city, you can rest assured that relocating to Denver will not interfere with your culinary adventures. Denver itself is home to a wide array of extraordinary, and diverse, food. 

Central to the city’s food culture is farm-to-table eateries that boast fresh, local, and organic fare. Food trucks, with irresistible options, are also common in the city. Here are some of the other types of cuisine you can expect to enjoy: 

  • Burgers
  • Bagels
  • Mexican cuisine
  • Street tacos
  • Asian fare
  • Steaks
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • And more

You should also plan to enjoy the city’s craft beer scene. With more than 150 breweries in the city alone, you can find locally-brewed, creative, and high-quality options that are also often very reasonably priced. 

Mastering Denver’s Transportation Landscape

Light rail in Denver, Colorado.

No San Diego to Denver moving guide would be complete without a look at the transportation options you can expect after you relocate. The good news? Denver boasts a public transportation system that has improved dramatically over the years and provides low-cost methods of getting around the city. 

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) makes more than 17 bus routes, 12 rail lines, accessible rides, and other options available throughout the city. There are also other specialty rides available, such as an airport shuttle and free bus for traveling the city’s famous 16th Street shopping and dining opportunities. 

Do you need a car in Denver? To go as a tourist, probably not. However, living in the Mile High City probably will require the use of a vehicle for certain adventures, such as outdoor activities, skiing, or hiking, which may require travel outside the bounds of the public transportation system. 

Adapting to the Distinctive Denver Climate

The defining factor in Denver’s climate is its position 5,280 feet above sea level (as opposed to San Diego’s 62 feet above sea level). In addition to earning the city its nickname of the “Mile High City,” this position also means you can expect thinner, drier air that will require acclimating when you arrive. Plan on a period of adjustment that can include headaches, and should include limited physical activity and ample hydration. 

As far as year-round weather, expect summers similar to San Diego’s temperate and sunny days. However, you should plan for much cooler winters, with highs around 45 degrees, and a whopping 56 inches of snow, on average. 

You should also plan to spend much of your time dressed in layers. The weather can change quickly in the city, even over the course of a single day, so being prepared for variations in temperature and precipitation can make you more comfortable on a daily basis. 

Unlocking the Entertainment Opportunities in Denver

Denver, Colorado - June 9, 2021: NFL Denver Broncos logo

You will never be bored in Denver. While you will have to say goodbye to San Diego’s laid back beach scene, you can plan to say hello to a thriving arts and culture experience that includes art districts, galleries, theaters, and an art museum.

You should also plan to spend much of your time outdoors. The city is known for its love of outdoor excitement. You can find everything from mountains to forests, state parks to canyons. Bike, hike, ski, camp, and more – All right around or a short drive from your new Colorado home. 

You can also find an active nightlife downtown and plenty of sports to enjoy in the city. The NFL, the NBA, and the MLB all have professional teams based in the Mile High City.

Educational Prospects for All Ages in Denver

For families with children in particular, San Diego’s excellent public school system may be difficult to leave. However, you can expect good things from Denver schools. The state has one of the top 5 public education systems in the nation. Look particularly for highly-rated school districts such as Cherry Creek School District and Littleton Public Schools.

If higher education is important to you, you can also find a number of highly-ranked universities and colleges in and around the Mile High City. Two of the best include the University of Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Navigating the Denver Job Market: Opportunities and Growth

View of 16th Street Pedestrial Mall of red-and-grey Granite that Runs Through the Center of Downtown.

If you are not keeping your San Diego job when you relocate one of the things you should know before moving to Denver is that the job market is thriving. Ranked one of the 10 top job markets in the U.S. by the Wall Street Journal, it boasts many different jobs across many different industries. 

That means you should be able to find a job with a reasonable wage without too much difficulty. That means you can move to Denver with confidence that you can continue your career, and your income, without spending a significant amount of time hunting for a job. 

Assessing Denver’s Crime Rate and Community Safety

Denver’s crime rate is a bit higher than San Diego’s and higher than the national average. However, most of the area’s violent crime is limited to certain neighborhoods. As a result, the best way to feel secure in the Mile High City is to choose a neighborhood that is known for being safe and secure. Here are some of the safest: 

  • North Park Hill
  • Washington Park
  • University Park
  • Southmoor Park
  • Fort Logan

Exploring Healthcare Options in The Mile High City

Like San Diego, Denver has a renowned healthcare scene that includes at least three nationally-ranked hospitals. As a result, you can expect to receive excellent care for all of your health needs, whether you simply need a primary care physician or a specialist, hospital services, or surgery. 

Discovering Denver’s Unique and Vibrant Culture

Denver is known for its multicultural landscape. The city is home to a number of ethnic and cultural festivals, activities, dining, and locations. These include the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the nation, along with the Japanese Sakura Square, the African-American-focused Five Points neighborhood, and Latino art galleries. 

If a San Diego to Denver move is calling your name, make the move as rewarding as living in the Mile High City with an experienced, reliable mover who can meet all your needs. As San Diego’s premier mover, Oakley Relocation is a woman-owned mover with full-service options and a track record of success. Contact us today for a quote!

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