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International Customs Services

Navigating the guidelines, regulations and necessary documentation required for moving goods internationally can be a daunting task. That is why our international customs service coordinators are here to work for you. Our coordinators will prepare you for what to expect and guide you through the procedures so that you will know exactly what will happen to your items. Oakley Relocation offers international customs services to help streamline the process of your international shipment or move.

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Moving Internationally

Due to heightened security concerns, customs enforcement has increased. It is important to know the steps involved in the process of clearing customs and to be sure to prepare ahead of time. You should gather important paperwork, understand the shipment timeline and be aware of the specific customs restrictions and limitations put in place by your destination country.

This is where our international customs service coordinator will step in and make sure you have your paperwork in order, put you in touch with agents at your destination and help complete the delivery once you have arrived. At Oakley Relocation, we know that preparation is vital to any international experience.

Shipments Inbound and Outbound

Oakley Relocation offers international customs services for international commercial shipping. We will work with you to prepare your paperwork so that it is ready for the customs broker at your shipment’s final destination. We also offer digital barcode inventory and shipment tracking so that you can be sure that your goods have arrived securely.

In today’s global economy, moving a household or shipping goods internationally is more common than ever. Taking the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and efficient international move is an important part of this process. Contact us today and let the professionals at Oakley Relocation advise you on your options. Our team of international movers will work with you each step of the way so you and your valuable belongings get to their destination.