Full Service vs. DIY Move

Hire a Professional Moving Company or DIY

When planning a move, the most important decision is whether to hire a professional moving company or take on the burden of moving on your own.

Customers sometimes consider moving themselves, as they are thinking of a significant cost savings. In reality, when you compare the tangible and intangible costs of a DIY move to a full service move, it is not the case.

A recent survey asked DIY movers if they would do it on their own again – 4 out of 5 said absolutely not.
Cost Comparison: Move from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL (8,000 pounds)
2-Bedroom Home, plus 1 Motorcycle and 2 Scooters

Do It Yourself (DIY)Full Service Mover
Truck Rental (26 ft)Do It Yourself (DIY) $3,109 Full Service Move$6,497
Packing & MaterialsDo It Yourself (DIY) $2,100 Full Service Move$1,143
Loading Labor
Do It Yourself (DIY) $600 (3 men)
Full Service MoveIncluded
Driving the Truck to new Home Do It Yourself (DIY) Your Risk and Responsibility Full Service MoveIncluded
Unloading Labor
Do It Yourself (DIY) $600 (3 men)
Full Service MoveIncluded
FuelDo It Yourself (DIY) $608 Full Service MoveIncluded
Transit Protection for Belongings Do It Yourself (DIY) UnknownFull Service Move$361

Vacation/Personal Time from Work Do It Yourself (DIY) 8 days Full Service Move3 days
TotalDo It Yourself (DIY) $7,017
Full Service Move $8,931

Hire a Professional Mover vs. Do It Yourself Move PDF

DIY Moving Cons

  1. Misinterpreting the Scope of the Move
    • Improper furniture protection and poorly packed cartons
    • Inadequate protection of motorcycle and scooters for transit
  2. Navigating the Challenges of Driving a Rental Truck
    • Are you prepared to drive an older straight truck cross country?
    • Rental truck will likely have to stop at all weigh stations
  3. Safety Concerns
    • Action plan if the truck breaks down on highway
    • If repairs aren’t possible, all the contents are unloaded and loaded onto a new truck
  4. Travel Expense
    • Cost of fuel, lodging, meals, tolls and parking on the road
    • Cost of time off work
  5. Personal Injury
    • Significant exposure in an accident – you assume all liability
  6. Transit Protection
    • Do you have enough coverage for your belongings in transit?

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When comparing both options, include all direct and indirect costs that are part of the equation. Contact our company for an estimate and compare it to the cost of a DIY move. Once all the cost variables are compared, typically there isn’t a huge cost savings when you do it yourself.