Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage Serviceslong term storage

Are you in need of a long term storage solution? Oakley Relocation provides secure, climate controlled long term storage solutions customized to your needs. 

Whether you have numerous small, high value items or a large, bulky possession, we will customize a storage solution fit to your items. Our ultra modern, bar-coded and highly secure facility serves as a cost effective solution for all of your storage needs.

We operate an efficient facility to monitor your items. Household goods are palletized and vaulted in our warehouse, with open racking available to store large furniture, rugs and other household items. Upholstered furniture is stretch wrapped for additional protection. All items are inventoried to allow for quick and easy retrieval. 

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Why Choose Us for Long Term Storage?

  • Typically less expensive than self-storage facilities
  • Customized solutions -- don't pay for space you don't need
  • Secure climate, controlled buildings
  • Options for shipping if needed
  • Flexible plans

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