Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation

Moving with Pets

When you are in the middle of a relocation you may not consider how it may affect your pets. When relocating with pets, it is important that you do so with care.

The below pet relocation tips will help you transport your animals safely to your new location.

Tips for Safely Moving your Pet

Microchips to be Safe

Whether you are moving a long distance or just around the block, your pets may become nervous during the relocation process and try to run away. An easy solution to be able to locate your pet if it does run away is to have your vet insert a microchip. 

Keep the House Stress Free

On the day of the move your house will be filled with noise and people that your animals are not used to. To help keep them calm, it is best to keep your pets in a room where they will not be disturbed. Be sure to put familiar things such as their toys, beds, etc. in the room to help relax them. You might also consider taking your pets to a friend or family member’s home while the movers are loading and unloading your items.

Travel Safely

Use crates, kennels or pet-approved seat belts when traveling with pets. If your animals roam freely in the vehicle two things can happen. One, they can distract you while you are driving and potentially cause an accident. Two, they can become injured if you stop suddenly or become involved in an accident. Because of the potential danger this is one of the most important pet relocation tips.

If you follow these tips your pets will be safer and more relaxed during the relocation process. In turn, this can help alleviate quite a bit of stress for you as well.

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