Relocating to Escondido, CA

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Moving to Escondido, CA

Mar 21, 2024

Moving to Escondido CA.

Are you gearing up for a long distance move to Escondido, CA? Want to keep it as stress-free as a stroll through Grape Day Park? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s unpack the essentials of moving to Escondido without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Overview of Escondido, CA

Escondido, a Spanish word for “hidden,” is anything but a secret these days. Here’s what’s in store for you in this Southern California city:

  • Population: Roughly 151,000
  • Average Home Price: $498,000
  • Average Rent: $2,300-$3,000 for a 2-bedroom
  • Unemployment Rate: Slightly above the national average
  • Median Household Income: $70,000
  • Top Industries: Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Education
Aerial View of Escondido, California at Dusk

Reasons to Relocate to Escondido

Why trade your current digs for Escondido’s charm?

  • More bang for your buck in the housing market compared to San Diego
  • A thriving arts scene, including the California Center for the Arts
  • Craft beer galore with an ever-growing brewery scene
  • Outdoor adventures await at nearby Lake Hodges and Daley Ranch
  • A diverse culinary landscape that’ll tantalize your taste buds

Potential Downsides to Consider

No place is perfect, not even Escondido:

  • The mercury can climb in summer, so get ready for some sizzle
  • You might miss the ocean breeze—Escondido’s a bit inland
  • Traffic can be a headache, especially during rush hour

Best Neighborhoods in Escondido

Where to hang your hat? These neighborhoods are top-notch:

  • Old Escondido Historic District
  • Hidden Trails
  • Felicita
  • Kit Carson
  • Vineyard

From historic charm to modern family-friendly communities, there’s a slice of Escondido for everyone.

Cost of Living in Escondido

Stretch your dollar without compromising on your lifestyle. Escondido’s cost of living is a breath of fresh air compared to its coastal neighbors.

Job Market and Economy

Escondido’s job market is blossoming like the flowers at the San Diego Safari Park, with opportunities especially ripe in the healthcare and education sectors.

Tax Rates in California

California’s tax rates might have you tightening your belt, but Escondido’s cost-effective living can help balance your budget. Just be sure to do your homework on local tax implications.

Man Wine Tasting.

Things to Do in Escondido

From sipping vino at local vineyards to exploring the wild at the Safari Park, Escondido is a playground for the leisure lover.

Crime and Safety in Escondido

Every city has its share of concerns, but many of Escondido’s neighborhoods are as safe as a catnap in the sun.

Schools and Education

Escondido serves up a solid education with a side of sunshine, boasting a range of schools that cater to every learning appetite.

Making the Move to Escondido Painless

Here’s how to keep your move as smooth as Escondido’s fine wines:

  • Hire movers who know the difference between Escondido and San Diego—trust us, it matters
  • Set up your utilities with a few clicks and swipes—modern problems require modern solutions
  • Use a one-stop-shop online service for changing your address—because who has time for snail mail?
  • Order your furniture online and have it delivered to your new Escondido estate—easy does it
  • During your first week, embrace the local takeout scene and save the kitchen unpacking for later

Follow this guide, and you’ll be living the Escondido dream before you know it, all without breaking a sweat. Welcome to the good life, where the living’s easy and the avocados are always ripe.

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