Packing Services

Packing Services

Packing Services for Moving

We offer a range of options to meet your packing needs for your upcoming move. During your in-home appointment, review your packing requirements with your Relocation Consultant so that we can design a packing plan that meets your needs and falls within your budget. Listed below are the various services that we provide for your packing:

Types of Packing Options

  • Full Service Packing – Our trained moving professionals pack it all. From the kitchen to the garage, we take care of all of the packing in your home.
  • Selective Packing – Our team only packs select items that you identify. For example, we may pack the fragile items (artwork, china, crystal or mirrors) with you taking care of the rest.
  • Standard Self Pack – You are responsible for the packing. Ask your Relocation Consultant for guidance on how to prepare for moving day.

Packing Materials for Moving

Whether you taking care of the packing, or your team of moving professionals is packing it all, rest assured that we stock a range of high-quality materials to assist with the packing process.

  • Dishpack (or China Barrel) – Heavy duty carton used for china, crystal, glassware and other fragile items.
  • Book 1.5 Cubic Foot Carton – Small book carton designed for heavy items such as books, magazines and photo albums.
  • Medium 3.0 / Large 4.5 Cubic Foot Cartons – Medium to large utility cartons often used for pots and pans, towels, toys or small appliances.
  • Extra Large 6.0 Cubic Foot Carton – Ideal for large bulky lightweight items, such as pillows, linens or lampshades. Don’t load up large boxes with heavier items, as you won’t be able to lift them and the movers may have to spend time re-packing on move day.
  • Mattress Carton – Available in single, double, queen, king or crib. A separate carton is required for each box spring.
  • Mirror Carton – Provides extra protection for mirrors, pictures or glass tabletops.
  • Wardrobe Carton (available upon request) – Serves as a portable closet to transport your hanging clothes on move day. Place rolled up wrapping paper or posters in the wardrobe cartons on move day to keep them secure in transit.
  • Re-usable Cartons – Let us know if you are you interested in re-usable, eco-friendly packing materials.
  • Packing Tape, Packing Paper & Cushioning – Put it all together with rolls of 2″ packing tape, lots of packing paper, additional cushioning (packing pellets or bubble wrap) for delicate items and black permanent markers to clearly label all boxes.

Packing Tips to Prepare for Move Day

  • Before getting started with the packing, de-clutter and clean out items that you do not wish to move. Donate these items to your favorite local charity. You will save both time and money when you move!
  • Invest in durable and high-quality packing materials.
  • Create a packing plan for your home – check with your Relocation Consultant for guidance.
  • Start packing in an area of your home that is not often used. Set up a folding table to hold the box you are packing at a comfortable height.
  • Plan to keep a few pairs of scissors, a box cutter, several dark color permanent markers, a small toolbox and a notepad on-hand during the packing and move process.
  • Keep the weight of each box under 50 pounds. If you can’t easily lift the box, it’s too heavy!
  • Clearly label all of your boxes with a permanent marker in a dark color. Note the box contents and the room it belongs in.
  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.
  • Never use masking tape or duct tape – secure all boxes with professional 2 inch moving tape.
  • Line the bottom of the box with cushioning and add a layer of packing paper to the top before sealing the box. Use packing paper or pellets to cushion your items and fill in open spaces between items.
  • For china, crystal, mirrors, pictures, art and any other fragile items, discuss the various packing options for these treasures with your Relocation Consultant. Our team has the knowledge and packing expertise to handle these sensitive items.
  • On move day, place the items you do not want the movers to pack or load in an empty closet or secured area. Clearly label this area to notify the movers that these items will be taken care of by you.

Additional Packing Tips