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Celebrate the 90th Birthday of Female Trucker Lillian Watson

Mar 13, 2018

Lillian Watson, one of the first women to drive a tractor trailer for northAmerican, and one of the first women to have a CDL, is turning 90 this year. She and her husband, Charley E. Watson, drove for northAmerican from 1970 to 1973, traveling through 47 states. They were based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and lived in the Provo-Orem, Utah, metropolitan area.

northAmerican Moving Services Celebrates Lillian Watson

Lillian was one of the first full-licensed CDL female drivers for northAmerican. She originally traveled with her husband, but after a year she took the test to become a commercial truck driver.

“It was scary at first because Charley wasn’t going to be in the truck with me. It was just me and someone who was going to check on my driving,” said Lillian. “Up in the front was the picture of my family, and I was at ease then.”

Even though she was a fully licensed driver, she and her husband still drove together. She enjoys reflecting on the memories they made while driving throughout the country.

“We enjoyed working for northAmerican because they were so nice to us and were always very accommodating to our needs,” Lillian recalls. “We enjoyed our assignment. We were very satisfied working with northAmerican.”

Join us in celebrating Lillian’s 90th birthday and successful career with northAmerican.

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