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Clothing Packing Tips

Oct 02, 2015

Clothes are easy to pack, and light weight, making it the perfect job for any member of your house to help with the Chula Vista move. Here’s some tips to give them the professional way to pack your family’s clothes.

If you are going to transport the clothes in the dresser they are in, all you should do is place a piece of packing paper on top of the clothes in each drawer to protect them from dust during the move.

If you decide it’d be better to put them away in boxes during the move, either to make the dresser lighter to move, or you have a Chula Vista long distance move, you can pack them away in boxes.

To start, place the clothing carton next to the dresser, line it entirely with packing paper. Place the bottom drawer’s clothing on the bottom of the box, place packing paper on top of that, then take the clothing from one drawer higher and place it on the top of the packing paper. Repeat this and place packing paper in between each stack of clothes from each drawer, this will make it easier to unpack at your new home.

Helpful Hint

Helpful moving to Chula Vista hint: You can fold down two flaps of the moving box, place a piece of packing tape over the two flaps. Go to the opposite corner and do the same to

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