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Full Service Movers vs Containers

Aug 17, 2021

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The sheer amount of decisions you need to make when planning a move can be exhausting, especially when choosing between a portable container and a full-service moving company.

At Oakley Relocation, we believe that an educated customer is a successful one. In this article, we look at moving with a portable container versus relocating with a full-service mover. Our review shows how both services stack up against each other. By the time you’re done reading, you should be able to easily solve your “Pods vs Moving Company” dilemma.

What is a full-service moving company?

Full-service moving companies, as the name says it, provide you with everything you need to successfully relocate locally, nationally, or internationally.

This service provider is equipped to handle every aspect of your move from packing to unpacking. Instead of enlisting family and friends to help carry heavy boxes or furniture, you have an entire team at your disposal that can safely and quickly transport your items.

Full-service movers also work with you to create a customized plan, so you only pay for what you need. Or, maybe you have a hectic schedule and need full-service packing and unpacking. If you are downsizing or relocating to a different city or country, you may want to work with a company that also offers climate-controlled storage solutions.

What is a moving container company?

Portable moving containers like the ones from PODS leave all of the legwork to you. These large rectangular containers are made of steel and aluminum and are delivered to you empty. They sit outside on the street for any length of time with little protection for your valuables.

While these containers appear to be a simple, no-fuss option, they come with limitations. You are responsible for the entire loading and unloading process, while the company is only in charge of transporting the POD to your new location. Further, when loading your goods, if you want pads or blankets to wrap/protect your furniture, this added cost would be your responsibility. All equipment and labor required for the loading or unloading process would be at your expense.

Unlike a full-service company, container companies don’t guarantee protection for your possessions. If a family heirloom or a high-value item such as a beloved musical instrument is damaged during the move, you’ll have to cover the cost from your own pocket.

Also check if your city, homeowner, condominium or apartment association has do-it-yourself (DIY) guidelines or limitations when moving. Typically they do not allow the temporary placement of portable containers out on the street or adjacent to a property.

Comparing the cost of full-service and container moving companies

When measuring the cost of container versus a moving company, the former might seem more cost-effective. In reality, however, it can be quite difficult to estimate the correct container size. Depending on the dimensions of your home, you could be run into one of these two scenarios:

  1. You discover during the last minute that there’s not enough room to fit all of your furniture, such as a couple of extra chairs or a couch.
  2. You need multiple DIY moving pods which will cost you close to what a full-service moving company would, minus all the other benefits.

Choose Oakley Relocation Full-Service Moving

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