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How to Prepare Your Business for Office Relocation

Mar 22, 2022

Changing offices can seem like a daunting feat but planning ahead will ensure minimal business disruptions. From setting up the new space and establishing a timeline to notifying clients, the next suggestions are meant to show you how to prepare for office relocation with confidence and ease. We’ve also included valuable business relocations tips and tools to consider whether you are moving a couple of blocks away or across the globe.

Start by Creating a Double Timeline

Give your employees a sense of predictability and get everyone on the same page by developing a schedule of the moving process. Give your staff enough time to decide and adjust for a new commute. Depending on their situation, some might need to find child care or purchase a car. Make sure the moving date doesn’t overlap with key company events such as a product launch or an important meeting with investors. This is a good moment to discuss with your landlord and see if there are any contractual requirements that might interfere with the office relocation. Suppliers and business partners should also be informed as soon as possible.

Assess and prepare the new space

Take time to make a list of all the updates needed in the new space. Do you need to paint the walls? In what condition are the floors? Painting contractors, carpenters, electricians, and any other professional helpers you might need should be hired well before your staff sets foot into their new work home. Remember to design an office floor plan to determine the positioning of cubicles or desks, the placement of electrical outlets, etc. Another high-priority to consider? Utilities. A lack of water, electricity, gas, and other critical utilities, might cause frustration among employees and even lead to lost business.

Declutter and Take Inventory

Do you have any outdated or broken furniture lying around? Perhaps you realized the current decorative pieces such as picture frames, plants, cup holders, and lamps are don’t go well with the new space. You might also find stacks of old office files collecting dust. Take an inventory of all items used by employees and decide what to keep, discard and recycle. A simple checklist can help you save time and maximize efforts. Here are some things to add on your list:

  • Office furniture: desks and desk chairs, cubicles, couches, tables, etc.
  • Office electronics: laptops, computers, monitors, printers, TVs, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances: refrigerators, microwaves, toaster ovens, etc.
  • Whiteboards
  • Wall decor: paintings, mirrors, etc.
  • Copy machines

Hire the Right Movers

Implementing office relocation tips and learning how to prepare for office relocation will give you a great head start, but having the right movers is what will ultimately determine the success of your move. Before you hire expert help, carefully compare moving quotes and make sure the company is well equipped to take care of all your needs. At Oakley Relocation, we are a trusted North American Van Lines agent with years of experience in office moving, corporate relocation, military and government moves, international relocation, and much more. Our knowledgeable staff and performant tools make us the best partner to handle your office items and deliver them safely to the destination. Fill out this simple quote form and we’ll put together a customized plan just for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please use the Contact Us form.

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