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How To Successfully Relocate From San Diego To Houston, TX

Sep 22, 2022

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San Diego is one of the most populous cities in America, and one of the most popular. But, if you are ready to leave its sun, surf, and excitement to explore the possibilities in another part of the country, Houston is a great choice. Arts, culture, warm weather, abundant sunshine, and numerous attractions provide endless opportunities to live the good life. Before moving from San Diego to Houston, here are a few of the most important things you should do to both ensure a successful relocation and set yourself up to enjoy everything the Space City has to offer. 

Move in the fall or spring 

San Diego weather is legendary for its perfection. With an average July high of 78.5 degrees, and 266 sunny days a year, the weather is almost always ideal for any outdoor activity you choose. 

If you want your move to Houston to go smoothly, you will need to prepare yourself for a significant change in the weather – And plan your move date accordingly. 

While enjoying sunshine an average of 205 days a year, Houston is significantly hotter than San Diego. The city has a July high of more than 93 degrees and also receives more than 53 inches of rain a year.

Since the worst of the heat, and rain, falls between April and August, you should arrange your move in the early spring or fall months, when the weather is cooler and drier. Try a March or October move date rather than a May or June one, and enjoy not only better weather, but lower moving rates as well. 

And, when packing your belongings, you may want to invest in extra raincoats, umbrellas, and shorts. The right wardrobe can make even hot or rainy days good opportunities to get outside and enjoy everything your new city has to offer. 

Focus your job search on energy, aerospace, or finances

While San Diego has strong manufacturing and tourism industries, Houston’s growing economy tends to focus more on the energy industry, finances, and of course, the aerospace industry. As the home of at least 14 aerospace companies, the Houston area’s stargazing efforts are taking off. 

Jobs in these industries are not only easy to find, but they also tend to be lucrative. The average salary in Houston is a very healthy $59,634 a year, with specialists in aerospace or energy earning even more than that. 

If you want to enjoy a successful relocation to the Space City, looking for employment in these high-paying and popular industries can set you on a strong financial and career path for your future. 

When job hunting, you should also remember that Houston is a younger city with ambitious individuals looking to advance their careers. That means that the job scene is likely to be exciting, challenging, and hard working, so prepare to put in the time and effort to chase, and achieve, your career dreams in a city that rewards skill and hard work. 

Create a new (and less expensive) budget

Before moving from San Diego to Houston, you may want to look at how your finances will work once you are in your new home. Chances are, you will enjoy the numbers you see. Houston has a cost of living that is 68 percent lower than the cost of living in San Diego. 

That means everything from groceries to utilities, transportation to housing, costs less in Houston than it does in San Diego. How does that translate into real numbers? The standard of living you can enjoy in San Diego with an income of $118,559 is possible in Houston for just $70,000. 

Concerned about a slight pay cut between Houston and San Diego? Worry no more. The lower cost of living is likely to leave your monthly budget for essentials so small that you will still have disposable income left over for many of life’s little pleasures. Budget now and plan ahead to spend, invest, and enjoy the extra money you will have available upon your relocation. 

Find your perfect neighborhood

Houston’s many neighborhoods and extremely affordable housing make it an ideal place to raise a family, explore life as a single individual, or relax into retirement. 

Because housing is almost 200 percent less expensive in Houston, with homes costing almost $600,000 less on average, chances are you can afford to live wherever you find the perfect home. 

Looking for a cute apartment to rent in downtown Houston? Try looking in Midtown or Downtown Houston. Hoping to find a beautiful dream home in a family-friendly area? Explore Spring Branch or River Oaks. Want to live in a hip part of town? Montrose might work best for you. 

Regardless of your housing preferences, choosing your neighborhood, and your residence, before moving from San Diego to Houston can make your move smoother, reduce transitions, and give you more accurate housing numbers with which to budget before your relocation. 

Familiarize yourself with Houston’s many things to do

When moving from San Diego to Houston, you may be giving up easy access to the beach and surfing, but you will never be bored. Houston overflows with arts, culture, museums, parks, and other attractions, not to mention an incredible nightlife in the form of entertainment, bars, and dining. 

Here are some of the most famous things to do in the city. Before you move, familiarize yourself with some of them and start making a list of the ones you want to try. Exploring your new city can help you settle in and meet new people more quickly. 

  • Outdoor fun – Hiking, biking, running, walking, parks, playgrounds, trails, kayaking, paddle boarding, and boat rides on Lake Conroe provide outdoor fun and exercise all year long. 
  • Arts and culture – Houston is internationally recognized for its arts and culture offerings. Take in the ballet, symphony, opera, the Museum District, and an abundance of performing arts events. 
  • City tours – Segway tours, walking tours, food tours, arts tours, bus tours, sightseeing tours, and more allow you to explore the many facets of the city. 

Be alert to moving scams

Finally, a successful relocation between San Diego and Houston begins with choosing the right moving company. Unfortunately, there are many dishonest movers out there who will steal your money, and your belongings, making your transition stressful and scary. Be alert to potential moving scams. 

These can include taking a large deposit and then requesting even more money the day of the move, charging thousands in extra fees for “extra” or “unlisted” belongings, holding your goods hostage until you pay large sums of money to get them back, delivering your goods weeks late, and damaging or stealing some of your belongings. Sometimes, unscrupulous movers even abandon your belongings after taking your money. 

In order to avoid these scams, take these steps to find a reliable and high-quality mover: 

  • Get at least 3 quotes provided after someone comes to your house to look at your belongings. 
  • Never use a moving broker
  • Make sure your moving contract is filled out completely and longer than a few pages before you sign. 
  • Make sure your chosen mover has a physical address. 
  • Get a moving estimate based on weight, not cubic feet. 
  • Never pay a deposit up front. 
  • Buy moving insurance to protect your belongings in a worst-case scenario. 
  • Choose your mover based on word-of-mouth recommendations. 
  • Choose a mover with a reputation for reliability and success. 
  • Check the mover’s complaint history and grade with BBB.
  • Make sure the truck on moving day is branded. 

Oakley Relocation has been providing seamless, stress-free moves since 2008. As a premier mover in the San Diego area, we are women-owned, full-service, and ready to make your move easier, and less stressful, than you have imagined. Contact us today for a quote!

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