The Comprehensive Guide to Relocating from San Diego to Texas

The Complete San Diego-to-Texas Moving Guide

Mar 20, 2023

Do you plan to move from San Diego to Texas? Texas is the second-largest state in the United States. Moving to a big state comes with its pros and cons. Hence, it is important to plan and prepare beforehand. To lessen the amount of research that goes into moving to a new place, here is a quick guide to moving from San Diego to Texas. 

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Discover the Benefits of Making Texas Your New Home

Texas is one of the most accommodating places in the US to relocate. Here Texas moving guide explains some of the reasons why. The information below will also act as a checklist for relocating to Texas. 

Comparing Costs: Living Expenses in San Diego vs. Texas

Moving from California to Texas will be easy on the pocket. According to, the cost of living in Texas is 16% less than in San Diego. The cost of living per person is down by around $500 in Texas than in San Diego. If you want to live in a less crowded space, Texas will be like a breath of fresh air. 

Since you are moving from a fairly expensive city to a more affordable city, the cost of living won’t cause any problems. But don’t forget, you will, at the same time, receive less salary as compared to what you were earning in San Diego. This will balance out your standard of living. 

Discovering Your Dream Home in the Lone Star State

A few tips and tricks on finding the right home in Texas can be beneficial. Apart from focusing on bigger aspects like finance, also consider the air quality of the area, proximity to departmental stores, other amenities available, and the presence of trees/greenery around the area. 

If it interests you, you can also join various homebuying education classes. You can properly search the top liveable areas in Texas if you have not pinpointed a city within Texas yet. Depending on your taste and vibes, you can choose from Austin, Dallas, and Houston. For those looking for a simple life, Austin is preferable. Dallas gives more materialistic vibes. Similarly, Houston is more spacious, diverse, and unique but a bit heavy on pocket. You have a wide choice of over 1000 cities to choose from. 

Navigating the Texas Job Market: Opportunities and Tips

Job interview, businessman listen to candidate answers.

Are you moving to Texas to start your life from scratch with no job? Start navigating through the Texas job market now. You can move to job-oriented cities in Texas like Dallas, Austin, Midland, and Tyler to secure a job. 

Texas has many job opportunities in every field. However, you will find it difficult to get hired if you are an outsider. You can try diverse job options for a start. You can apply for side hustles like cashier, sales associate, or customer sales representative. This will help you build connections while searching for a job in your respective field. 

If you have a tech background, you have many options to choose from – operations analyst, software developer, data scientist, and more. You can also find suitable jobs in the healthcare, hospitality, and education sectors. 

Adjusting to the Texas Climate: Weather and Lifestyle

If you have lived in San Diego, you are used to a more moderate climate where the lowest temperature is 10 degrees C while the highest is around 25 degrees C in August during summer. 

However, in Texas, summers are bearable, but the maximum temperature goes up to 35 degrees C. Winters can be a bit harsh, too, as temperature dips as low as 0 degrees C. The winter months in Texas last for around three months. You may also experience ice storms, thunder, and snowfall in winter. Thus, Texas is a bit more extreme as compared to San Diego. It is recommended to relocate to an energy-efficient home/condo/flat with a properly functioning HVAC installed.  

If you are planning your move in winter, make sure you have already bought proper thermals to keep yourself warm. Also, check the weather update now and then to stay out of trouble. 

Quality Education Choices for Your Family in Texas

Are you moving to Texas with your family, including your kids? You may also have to look for education options for your family in Texas. You can enroll kids in public schools (where education is free), private schools, charter schools, public magnet schools, homeschooling, or learning pods. 

In Texas, students should preferably study in a school in the same district where they live. You need to go to Texas Education Agency (TEA) website and find School District Locator to find the suitable school options for your children. You should also know about the transfer policies and which school and district your kid will be eligible to attend the school in. Furthermore, you may also look for school district boundary information before making any final decision. 

The schools in Texas are about 7 hours long. They also have a fixed number of instruction hours in a year. Texas is also affordable for pursuing higher education. Depending on your interests, you can choose from over 268 colleges. Many of the higher universities in Texas also have a transfer application process that makes the process a whole lot more accommodating. 

Cultural Experiences and Entertainment Options in Texas

Frisco, Texas, USA - April 9th, 2022: Colorful construction in the National Videogame Museum

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Thus, exploring the culture and entertainment in Texas is equally important. Though, Texas won’t disappoint in this matter. No matter if you are planning to live in Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio, the cities are enriched with scenic beauty, museums, and activities to explore. 

Texas has everything for everyone. From the San Antonio River Walk to Houston Space Centre and Austin’s live music to visiting Texas coast beaches, there is no shortage of tourist places in Texas. 

Enjoy the regional culture of Texas by visiting museums, art galleries, and historical places. For entertainment, visit the shopping centers, performing art theatres, cellars, bird trails, botanical gardens, and much more. In short, Texas will never be short of culture and entertainment options. 

Ensuring a Smooth Move with Assistance from Expert Movers

Now that you have considered all the factors before moving from San Diego to Texas, it’s time to make your move stress-free with the help of a professional mover. Once your decision is final, make the shifting process fun, less stressful, and exciting with the help of Oakley Relocation. 

We are one of the most professional and popular professional movers providing services to relocators all over the US. Having already served and helped thousands of families make a big move effortlessly, we will be happy to serve you next. 

With years of expertise and being familiar with the problems that arise in relocating, we will keep you well-prepared so that your move from San Diego to Texas goes smoothly. Sit back and relax and get things done as scheduled and promised. 

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