5 Dos and Don’ts for Moving Small Loads Across Country

5 Dos and Don’ts for Moving Small Loads Across Country

Dec 26, 2022

When planning a small long-distance move to or from San Diego, there are many aspects to consider. At first, you may think that a small move might not be as complicated, but you can never be too careful about it. Moving small loads across the country will not be the same as moving full-house or heavy loads, so you can’t plan the same way for it.

Special preparation is required for such moves, so if you’re not used to it, or it’s your first time, we have some useful tips.

Understand What Can be Considered a Small Move

Before everything else, you first have to be sure that your move is really a ‘small move.’ You may feel that way, but later it may turn out that the process will be more complex than you anticipated. So, what exactly counts as a small move? Here are a few examples:

  • Students moving in and out of college dorms
  • Moving a studio apartment
  • When you’re moving, only selected items from your home
  • When you’re renovating your home and only need to move out temporarily with few items
  • Long-distance relocations where most items are stored in a temporary warehouse or storage relocation unit and only some items are moved to the new home

But to be sure, it’s best to reach out to reliable small-load movers and consult them to get a better idea about your move’s actual scale and complexity.  

Once you’re 100% sure that your move does count as a small load, here are some do’s and don’ts to follow for a smooth relocation.

5 Things to Avoid During Small Loads Cross Country Moves

Don’t take it easy

When moving fewer items, you may feel relaxed, thinking that the relocation will be easy. Of course, it’s true that small moves are not going to be as tedious as full-house relocation. But if you put your guard down and take a laidback approach, you might make simple mistakes and errors, which can prove to be costly.

Don’t look for cheaper options

The total weight of items is an important factor that determines your moving cost, so it’s common for people to think that small moves will be cheaper. But if you try to go too cheap and look for small load movers with the lowest estimates, the quality of service will not be as good, and they may not handle the relocation process efficiently.

Don’t plan and act at the last moment

Another rookie mistake with small long-distance moves is that people often undermine the time and planning it takes. But if you wait till the last moment to take action, you won’t have enough time to choose a reliable moving company, and you’ll have to do everything in a limited time, which only increases the room for errors.

Don’t rush the process

Having to rush because you didn’t plan ahead of time is one thing, but some people also tend to rush small moves on purpose. Just because there are fewer items doesn’t mean everything will be done quickly. A cross-country move will take time regardless of the load, so talk to your moving company and set realistic expectations on how long the process can take.

Don’t underestimate the complexity of small moves

Even when you’re relocating with fewer items, they may require special care and protection. You have to be careful about the services you enlist from moving companies, like the number of workers required for packing and loading or the size of the moving truck. So, it’s not going to be a walk in the park, and underestimating the scale and complexity of your small move might leave you unprepared on the day of the move.

5 Things You Should do When Moving Small Loads Across Country

Plan and book in advance

Start planning your move at least a month in advance. Start making a list of everything you’ll need to take. Be clear on how you want them packed and loaded. Scout for top-rated movers and get in touch with them early. Things like consultation, inspection, cost estimation, and so on will take time. Before that, you need time to review different companies and choose the best one. That’s why it’s always best to plan early. Another benefit is that some of the best downtown movers in San Diego often charge less when you book in advance. So it’s a good way to save money without compromising the quality of service.

Inquire about costs and expenses beforehand

While looking for the cheapest option is never a good idea, you still need to be careful with your budget. Get an accurate quote from your moving company before you finalize the process. Professional movers usually charge for small moves based on the weight of your items without a minimum weight limit. Also, ask if there is any possibility of additional costs that you need to be prepared for.

Be cautious

Even when a small move across the country seems simple, you should always practice caution at every step. First, you must be careful about choosing the right moving company. After that, you still need to be cautious with things like the moving cost, packaging of your items, safety during the trip, and tracking of your shipment. Be vigilant throughout the entire process.

Choose a reputed and reliable moving company that specializes in small moves

As we’ve mentioned a few times, the most important part of your small move is choosing the right moving company. Reach out to residential cross-country movers around you, tell them your requirements and ask if they specialize in small moves across the country. Do a proper background check, get a cost estimate, and only choose the one with high service quality and many positive reviews to verify their credibility.

Check for any additional service that you may need

Sometimes your small long distance move might require additional facilities and services. For example, if you have special items such as antique furniture, they will have to be handled carefully, so you’ll need to contact San Diego specialty movers with the expertise to move such items safely and with appropriate packaging. Or if you’re short on time, you can ask for express delivery to relocate your items faster, but for an extra charge. Decide carefully if you require such additional services.

Leading Cross-country Small Loads Movers in San Diego, CA

Couple calling transport company to move in new house

Small long-distance moves can seem like a simple task, but the truth is that it still needs careful planning and implementation. But with the help of a trusted moving company, the relocation process can become much smoother.

If you’re planning to move small loads across the country to and from San Diego, CA, you don’t have to look any further. Oakley Relocation is one of the leading professional movers in San Diego, and we offer specialized services for moving small loads through long distances. With years of experience with moving all types and quantities of items, we can assure the safe and timely delivery of your belongings even when relocating across the country.

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