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Moving the Elderly

Jul 15, 2015

When moving seniors, it’s best to do all possible to make a quick and easy moving day. It’s best to do their packing for them, or move little bits at a time far ahead of the date. A whole lot of memories go into everything they own, give them time to sort through all their things, before packing or throughing something out. If there aren’t many to help, consider a professional moving company like Oakley Relocation.

Moving to another home is stressful. Imagine when you have lived in the same home for many years and have settled in. Moving to a new place can disrupt routines.

Tips for Easing the Move for Seniors

Those elderly that are no longer able to care for themselves, It would be strongly adviced to hire a moving company to help pack and unpack belongings. Also consider a maid service to help clean up the old location after the move.This many strange people in their home may cause unease, agitation, upset, and create anxiety. Take them to the park or a nice restaurant while their belongings are moved. Take them to their new home to have them decide where everything is going to go, this helps them ease into the idea of relocation and lets them rest assured that their property has arrived safely.

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