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Moving Tips: Sell Your Home

Sep 17, 2015

Steps to Get Your House Ready to Show

It’s always a good idea to get your house as clean as possible before showing it to prospective buyers. You should clean the carpets, tile and other flooring surfaces as well as the appliances in your kitchen. If you really want to get everything it can also be a good idea to hire a cleaning service to catch those places you might normally overlook.

It’s normally a good idea to repaint your home with neutral colors. It will be easier for a prospective buyer to envision their future decorating plans in a home that isn’t full of your favorite colors and bold accents.

Make sure you remove all unnecessary items from your home before you begin your tours. Clutter like old magazines, books, toys, etc. can cover counter tops and make storage spaces feel small. Organize your home and pack things like your out of season clothes in boxes and store them out of sight or in storage.

Sometimes the first impression of your house is the most important. Make sure the outside of your house is appealing to prospective buyers by keeping your lawn tidy and improving the entryway to your home. You can do this by adding symmetry to the doorway and outdoor lighting.

By following these simple steps you can increase interest in your home and get ready to start your move! If you require help moving to your new home contact us for more information about our quality moving services.

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