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Tips For Moving Your Home Gym

Aug 12, 2015

Having a home gym is great. You avoid paying membership fees, sharing gym equipment, and eliminate the cost and hassle of driving to the gym. A home gym is a major convenience, that is, until you move. Many large workout machines, such as ellipticals, are difficult to disassemble, heavy, and challenging to fit through doorways. Below are some tips to help you relocate your gym equipment with ease.

Home Gym Moving Tips:

1. Take inventory of your equipment to see whether you need to hire a moving company or not. If you decide to do it all yourself without evaluating the situation, you might get halfway through, discover that you have bitten off more than you can chew, and end up hiring a moving company anyway.

2. Check to see which items can be disassembled, and check their users manuals before taking them apart.

3. Keep items separated: Organize the machines separately.  Package and label small parts such as screws and nuts.  You have to put everything back together, which is a much simpler task when everything is organized.

4. Secure weights separately from the rest of the equipment.  Dumbbells and similar weights should be secured before your relocation so that they do not roll around in the moving truck.

5. When in doubt, hire a professional moving company! Sure, you can keep the cost of moving down by doing it all yourself. But heavy items such as gym equipment can cause injury if not handled properly. Contact your local San Diego moving company if you have any doubts about your ability to safely move the equipment yourself.

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