Things To Know

Things to Know

Hawaii – What Does it Mean to Live in The Aloha State?

If you are about to move to Hawaii you probably want to know what to expect. Hawaii is unlike any other state in the U.S. From its uniquelifestyle to its beautiful real estate, it is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Hawaiian Lifestyle

Once you arrive to Hawaii it may seem that everyone is moving at a slower pace than what you are used to. Hawaiians are often outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather. With only two seasons, the weather is often consistent. Summer is May through October and winter November through April. During the summer days, residents enjoy average temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When night falls, the temperature drops to around 75 degrees. During the winter, the temperature averages 78 during the day and 68 in the evening.

Community is a large part of the Hawaiian lifestyle. Hawaiians spend a lot of time with their family and friends and tend to form tight bonds with their neighbors.

Hawaii Regional Cuisine

At one time, Spam was the food most often associated with Hawaii. That changed in 1991 with the development of Hawaii Regional Cuisine which blends Hawaii’s unique flavors with dishes from around the world. Hawaii’s unique flavors originate from fresh ingredients such as vegetables grown from volcanic soil, fresh fish and cattle raised in Hawaii’s upcountry.

Household Income and Real Estate

According to the United States Census Bureau, Hawaii’s median household income from 2010-2012 was $59,748. Only ten states had a higher median household income during those years. The high average household income explains the high real estate prices in Hawaii. According to Trulia, the median value of an owner-occupied home in Hawaii is $272,700. That is well above the national average of $119,600.

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