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The Benefits of Using a San Diego County Packing and Crating Service

May 15, 2023

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One of the most time-consuming parts of the moving process is packing your belongings. And one of the most stressful parts of moving is making sure those belongings get to their new location safely. While many people choose to DIY this part of the process, you do have the option of hiring packing and crating services to help. Professional assistance can save you time and stress and keep your belongings safer. Here are a few of the many benefits of using a San Diego packing and crating service for your next relocation. 

Packing and crating services save you time

Depending on whether or not you can devote all of your time to packing, it can take days or weeks to pack up your home. That is time and energy you could be spending looking for a job, buying a new home, renting an apartment, exploring your new city, spending time with your loved ones and friends, and otherwise preparing for the next stage in your life. 

Even for small moves, professional movers can save you these hours and free you up to spend your time on more important (and entertaining) tasks. Even better? These movers are trained in the efficient preparation of your belongings. They can get your entire home ready to move in a few hours. 

You may still need to devote time to de-cluttering and purging your belongings, but the actual process of organizing and securing your things for transport will no longer be yours to worry about. 

Professional packers reduce damage to your belongings

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DIY packing may save you money over professional services, but you run a greater risk of damage to your belongings. Without experience in preparing your items for relocation, you may not know the best techniques for securing your items. You may not invest in quality packing materials, and you may not secure your items against the hazards of the moving process. 

Trained and experienced movers, however, do have the skills necessary to protect your belongings from damage. They can provide the following support to keep your belongings secure until they are settled in your new home: 

  • High-quality packing supplies
  • Packing best practices
  • Customized packing for specific items

Professional movers custom pack specialty items

Some items are particularly difficult to pack. They are either very fragile, very valuable, or very large and heavy. For example, you may need to crate artwork, pack up your great-grandmother’s glassware or prepare the electronics in your office for relocation. 

Other items may need to be carefully disassembled before being crated up and moved (e.g. Pool tables). Doing this work yourself can be difficult and leave you and your belongings more prone to injury or damage. 

When you have these kinds of items to move, professional movers may be necessary to get them ready. A trained team can bring both the materials and the expertise necessary to pack up these specialty belongings. 

For example, they may be able to bring custom crates to secure your artwork, secure your glassware in the appropriate protective materials or take extra steps to keep your electronics safe. In their hands, you can be confident that your most precious or fragile possessions will arrive at your new home. 

Packing and crating services are customizable

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You may not need assistance with all of your packing. You may feel confident in handling things such as clothing, books and regular dishware. However, you may need assistance with other aspects of your belongings. Specialty items, fragile items, electronics, glassware or family heirlooms may present more of a challenge. 

The good news is that you can tap into movers’ skills with specialty items and still pack the belongings you want to secure yourself. Most moving companies will allow you to choose the services you require. Whether you need whole-house packing or just custom crating, packing and crating services in San Diego County are available to help. 

Professional packers save you the expense of buying moving supplies

Hiring a mover to pack your home will cost you extra. However, one aspect of your move that you will not have to purchase when using their services are moving supplies. This can be particularly valuable if you have specialty items that require specialized boxes or materials to secure. Your movers will bring the necessary items with them, leaving you free from the burden of tracking down and paying for these supplies yourself. Using professional packing and crating services could save you hundreds of dollars on boxes, bubble wrap, specialty supplies and more. 

Moving can be complex, but professional San Diego County moving and packing services can simplify the process for you. At Oakley Relocation, our comprehensive services include preparing your belongings for transport. Whether you want to save time on packing up your home, require long-term storage or just need help with certain specialty items, our commitment toward excellence and range of services can remove stress and save you time. Trust your belongings, and your move to Oakley Relocation. We are ready to help. Get a quote today.

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