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Tips for Moving out of State

Nov 19, 2020

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You’ve made the decision to relocate to another state and it’s time to begin the process. Whether for remote work, family needs or retirement, you’ll need a plan in place to make the transition an easy one. Experts in residential long distance moving have refined the relocation process with a list of practical tips for moving out of state. Start by asking yourself a few basic questions.

  • Have you visited your new neighborhood? While it’s helpful to look at online reviews and photos of the area you will be moving to, experiencing it in person is essential to truly get a feel for whether it’s the right place. You’ll know its “home” if you feel comfortable around your potential neighbors and enjoy the community.
  • Have you researched area information? Discovering important information about local school districts should be top of mind, even if you don’t have children. See what public and private schools are available and how they compare to other schools in the area. Additional considerations include:
    • Arts & entertainment
    • Community involvement
    • Proximity to grocery stores and local markets
    • Public transportation
    • Walkability to parks or restaurants
  • Have you budgeted for your move? Relocating to a new state can become expensive quickly if you don’t have a solid plan and budget in place. A professional moving company can help you save time and money by streamlining the process. From experience with packing to communication about logistics, you can benefit from experts in the field.

Relocation Assistance

One of the easiest ways to simplify the moving process is through relocation assistance from your current or new employer. Many companies financially support their staff with a move or by offering time off. Whether you’re transferring to a new position or starting with a new company, check with your employer to see if you qualify for assistance.

Interstate Moving Company

Crossing state lines needs to be a seamless process. Don’t get caught up with extra fees or logistical troubles. Choosing an interstate moving company that has an extensive selection of resources is the key to a successful relocation. A professional mover can help you transport specialty items such as antiques, family heirlooms, a large piano or even your Peloton bike. A reputable interstate moving company will be able to offer you a wide variety of storage solutions that meet your needs.

Auto Transportation

Interested in moving vehicles from one state to the next without driving them? Car moving services are available for several types of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles and sports cars.

Pet Moving Services

Pets are part of the family, and an experienced mover will want the best care for your animals. Ask about the best ways to move with your pet. Coordinate packing times to reduce stress on your pets and consider safe solutions to get your animals from one location to the next. By following a few suggestions, the move for your dog, cat or other pet(s) will be much easier.

Professional Out of State Movers

Oakley Relocation, a certified women owned business, has the moving and storage experience required to ensure a hassle-free out of state relocation. As an agent for North American Van Lines agent serving San Diego County, Orange County and the Inland Empire, our team has successfully moved thousands of families over the years. For more information about our services and to schedule a free pre-move quote, we welcome you to contact us at 858-602-1010.

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