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Great Tips & Tricks To Move Like A Boss

Jul 16, 2019

The process of moving can be complicated, with many things to consider all at once. You have to think about packing, cleaning, uncluttering, getting a truck and a host of other tasks that can feel quite overwhelming at times. However, never fear, there are some great tips and tricks out there that will actually make moving fun and get you excited about the start of this new adventure in your life.

Hiring A Mover – What Should I Ask Them?

Professional movers do a great job helping people safely get their belongings from one location to another. You will want to make sure that you and the moving company are a great fit, both financially and in the way that they go about providing their services. Here are some great questions to ask a mover before you hire them.

  • Are there any hidden or extra fees for any services that fall outside of the standard quotation?
  • Will my belongings stay on one truck for the entire journey or be transferred? This is mostly a question for long distance moves.
  • What kind of training do your employees go through? Are they certified?
  • What type of insurance does your company carry, should any of my possessions be damaged in transit?
  • Do you have references from other customers to review?

How To Spot A Bad Mover

Like all industries, there are some moving companies that you should avoid giving them your business. Here are some great ways to spot red flags, as it relates to identifying a bad moving company.

  • No established business address or phone number.
  • Lack of a website.
  • Pricing that seems too good to be true.
  • No federal motor carrier number.
  • No references available.

Packing Hacks That Will Make You A Pro

Here are some simple tricks that you can use while packing that will make your life a lot easier.

  • Color code each section of your house, so boxes will all go in the right place.
  • Take a marker and write down the contents of each box for easy reference.
  • Make box handles for by cutting them out with a knife or scissors.
  • Save money by using clothes to wrap fragile items, instead of expensive bubble wrap.
  • Place trash bags over groups of clothing with hangers. This will really help you hang them up quickly in the new place.
  • Use zip ties to wrap the cords of appliances, computers and other electronic equipment.
  • Put liquid cleaning supplies in large plastic bags, so that they stay dry and do not leak onto clothes etc.
  • Plan meals ahead of time, at least a week in advance.
  • Create a “moving day” box, with everything you will need immediately upon arriving at the new place.

Remember To Not Forget These Things

Not overlooking these important items will save money and headaches before, during and after the move.

  • Make sure the movers see all of your closets, the basement and other hidden areas before quoting you their price. You do not need a cost increase in the middle of the move because there is a basement full of boxes that the moving company never saw.
  • Forward your mail.
  • Turn off your utilities/cable and have them established at the new place in time for your arrival.
  • Secure activities for the kids on moving day so they are not underfoot during the process.
  • Exchange cell numbers with the mover for any last minute questions.
  • Eat – Never move on an empty stomach. A “hangry” homeowner is not fun for anyone on moving day.
  • Make sure that all of your possessions arrived damage free. If not, alert the moving company right away.

Moving is not easy, but with the right moving company and these helpful tips, you will enjoy the process much more and arrive at the new place ready to take on the world!

Happy Moving!

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