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Interesting Facts About San Diego

Aug 23, 2018

Everyone knows San Diego for their beaches and weather, but there is a lot more to this city. Every city has something that makes them unique, but there is something about San Diego that makes them special. There is a reason why it is not only one of the most popular places to visit, but also live.

San Diego’s Facts

It is hard to find someone that doesn’t love the superfood known as avocados. Many love them, but few know that San Diego supplies a majority of them in the US. Even musician Jason Mraz owns a 5.5-acre avocado farm. Now San Diego does not just farm avocados, they supply a lot of everything all over the country. San Diego is home to over 7,000 farms, the most of any city in the United States.

Maybe you aren’t interested in avocados, don’t worry there is something for everyone here. Everyone thinks of the beaches when they think California, but the San Diego Zoo should be second on that list. With numerous attractions, it has become one of the more popular zoos in the country. They are well known for the first panda to be born in the western hemisphere. Hua Mei the panda still calls the San Diego Zoo home, and she even has a cafe in the zoo named after her.

The water is where you will find most people in our city. Speaking of water, did you know that San Diego imports almost 90% of its drinking water which comes out to about 168 million gallons a day. If you were to place all that water into gallon containers, they would wrap around the earth more than once.

San Diego is Famous

While many may be interested in the beach when they are in California, there are some that are interested in spotting a celebrity. San Diego is home to many celebrities including extreme sports legends Tony Hawk and Shawn White as well as actress Cameron Diaz. San Diego was also the home to the famous children’s author Dr. Seuss also known as Ted Geisel.

San Diego is the home of many famous people, but it also has claim to some famous events. Charles Lindbergh’s journey across the Atlantic is very well known, most probably associate New York with his trip. His famous trip actually started in San Diego with a stop in New York and eventually ending in Paris.

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