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Top 10 Reasons to Live in San Diego

May 16, 2018

California has numerous areas that are considered some of the best places to live in the world. San Diego is high on that list for many reasons including the weather, proximity to the water and the food scene. TripSavvy recently broke down the Top 10 Reasons to Live in San Diego.

San Diego Is Know For Its Weather

Who doesn’t love good, consistent weather? San Diego is one of the most temperate climates in the United States. It benefits from the California sun and the proximity to the water to allow a coastal breeze to keep it at the perfect temperature. The average temperature is around 70 degrees and if it ever gets hotter than that, the beach is always close by to cool you down.

San Diego’s Food Scene

When visiting or living in San Diego you will find it hard to make time for a chain restaurant. There are many independent restaurants that each have an intriguing unique factor that will draw you to them. There are numerous award-winning restaurants that everyone should try at least once. In addition to the amazing food scene, San Diego also offers one of the most popular craft beer selections in the country. There are many breweries based here that will help you find your new favorite drink.

Beaches, Nature and Outdoor Living

When people think of California and San Diego they usually think of the water. While San Diego does offer some of the best beaches in the country they also offer some of the best hiking trails. These hiking trails could show you ocean views or even high panoramic views of the San Diego area. When you are all done exploring all that San Diego has to offer, head on home and enjoy the outdoors some more. Many San Diego natives consider their outdoor patio to be the center of their home. With weather like this, why wouldn’t you want to be outside all day?

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