Moving From San Diego to Arizona: A Complete Guide

Moving From San Diego to Arizona: A Complete Guide

Mar 31, 2023

Are you considering a move from San Diego to Arizona? Whether it’s because of your work or for personal reasons, there are many things you have to plan and consider before making the shift. Arizona is quite different from California in many ways. It’s an amazing place to make a fresh beginning and a beautifully diverse state where you can live a good life. But if you want to settle in quickly and smoothly in Arizona, especially after living in a lively, bustling city like San Diego, you have to adapt to the lifestyle there.

And to help you with moving to Arizona, we’ll cover all aspects of life in Arizona in this complete Arizona moving guide. It will give you a clear idea about the state, its culture, cost of living, and all other things you must know to be well-prepared before you relocate.

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Overview of Life in Arizona

Here’s a breakdown of all the key factors influencing Arizona’s standard of living.

Cost of living: Arizona vs. San Diego Comparison

The monthly cost of living for a single person in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, is estimated to be around $1000 on average, excluding rent. So, it’s one of the cheaper capital cities to live in. In fact, if you’re looking at average consumer prices, Phoenix is reported to be almost 10% cheaper than San Diego. You can enjoy a better lifestyle in Arizona while spending less on monthly expenses than you are now, so that is one of the attractive prospects of moving to this state. And if you’re not all about that city lifestyle, moving to smaller towns or suburbs will lower your cost of living.

The climate of Arizona: Goodbye to Winters, Brace Yourselves for the Hot Summers

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Here comes one of the major differences between the two places. In contrast to San Diego’s cold winters, Arizona is a hot and dry state. During peak summer, temperatures usually go well above 100oF. On the other hand, winters are barely that cold, except for a few chilly nights and mornings. This is neither good nor bad, but mostly a matter of preference.

Some people don’t mind hot summers but can’t stand cold and snowy winters. If you’re the same, you’ll likely be glad to leave the harsh winters of San Diego behind and enjoy the warm climate of Arizona.

But if you’re the type that doesn’t like super-hot summers, you have to brace yourself. Make adequate preparations, such as ensuring proper air conditioning in your residence and even getting AC for your vehicle.

Geography, Landscape, and Nature – Barren but Beautiful

mountains and dessert

Here’s another sharp contrast between San Diego and Arizona – the former is a coastal region; the latter is a landlocked state. Home to the Grand Canyon, Arizona is well-known for its deserts, mountain ranges, and rocky terrains. Beach lovers may find it a bit barren, but Arizona has its unique natural beauty. It’s also a clean state with low pollution levels. The hills, gorges, flatlands, and long stretches of highway roads through deserts are just as scenic and enjoyable as the beaches of California. So, you’ll get the chance to explore a completely different side of nature after relocating to this state.

Travel and Connectivity in Arizona

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One of the amazing things about Arizona is its well-maintained roads and highways, making it pleasant and convenient to travel by car. Being a landlocked state, it also has road connectivity to California, Utah, Nevada, and even the country of Mexico. Road trips and traveling to neighboring states are quite easy. Even in Phoenix and Tucson, the two major cities, grid traffic layouts make it easy to commute and drive around.

A small downside to moving from California to Arizona is that public transport isn’t easily accessible and well-connected in Arizona. So, it’s always better to have your own vehicle. But in other regards, traveling, traffic, roads, and connectivity to other states are all big plus points in Arizona. Oh, and let’s not forget that gas prices are still lower than in California, although steadily rising.

Lifestyle, Culture, Food, and Entertainment

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Arizona is a diverse state because, along with a significant population of locals and Native American tribes, it attracts a fair number of immigrants as well. And consider the fact that is surrounded by other states and even Mexico. So, there’s good cultural diversity and a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Their culture is also rich in music, art, and architecture. There are plenty of museums, galleries, art shows, regular festivals, and social celebrations to participate in. Don’t forget to indulge in their delicious southwestern cuisines, many of which also have some influence from Mexico. Sonoran hot dogs, chimichangas, prickly pear margaritas, cheese crisps, Navajo tacos, and Tamales are some of the classic delicacies you should not miss out on.

Arizona also has a strong sports culture and a passion for outdoor recreational activities. Despite the hot climate, you should enjoy outdoor life when the temperature is relatively cooler. The rocky terrain offers the perfect setting for long hikes and rock climbing, while fly-fishing and golf are also very popular. When you’re taking a break from your work, there is a lot to do for a good time in Arizona.

Finding a suitable home in Arizona

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For someone who’s lived in San Diego, you will most likely be relieved to find out that housing prices in Arizona are lower. The only thing is that you start looking for houses well in advance, with plenty of time in hand. Home sales have dropped recently in the state, even in cities like Phoenix, which has reduced property rates to some extent. So, if you look around smartly and patiently, you can find excellent housing options in Arizona for much more reasonable prices than San Diego.

Job Market in Phoenix and major cities

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The job market has been booming in cities like Phoenix and Tucson over the years. Many tech companies are establishing their offices in Arizona, which has increased employment opportunities. Agriculture, tourism, and recreation are also big industries in this state, meaning Arizona has a diverse job market. So with the right skill set and professional expertise, you can expect to land a lucrative position to grow your career here.

Hire Professional Movers for a Tension Free, Convenient Relocation from San Diego to Arizona

When you’re relocating to Arizona, there is so much you have to consider so you can adapt to a new kind of culture, geography, weather, and overall lifestyle. Amidst all that, you don’t need to add another worry to your mind by thinking about the hassle of the relocation process.

Let Oakley Relocation take care of all that for you, as we are one of the leading professional movers in San Diego with a long-running history of serving happy and satisfied customers since 2008. Our highly trained workers and 15 years of experience in full-service relocation means we can handle every step of your move from start to finish.

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