Everything You Need to Know About Moving from San Diego to Illinois

Everything You Need to Know About Moving from San Diego to Illinois

Apr 17, 2023

Are you planning to relocate from San Diego to the state of Illinois? There are a lot of opportunities and new ventures to explore when you move to this state. But at the same time, relocating to a new location also requires lots of planning and preparation. Regardless of whether or not you’ve visited Illinois before, you must have at least a basic idea about what it’s like to live in this state. So, to help you with relocating to Illinois, we’ve put up this quick but detailed Illinois moving guide explaining all the key aspects of Illinois and the different factors that influence the lifestyle of people here.

Overview of Life in Illinois

You won’t really know what life is like in Illinois until you come here and experience it firsthand. However, these factors below should give you a pretty good overview of living in Illinois.

Cost of living: Illinois vs. San Diego Comparison

The cost of living in Illinois averages to around $1000 per month for one person, not including rent. It’s neither a cheap nor excessive state to live in, but it is around 4-5% cheaper than San Diego. Furthermore, these figures are based on urban lifestyle in cities like Chicago, so you’ll be spending comparatively less on monthly expenses if you’re moving to smaller cities like Springfield and much less if you’re heading to countryside towns like Galesburg.

So one thing is certain that Illinois is cheaper than San Diego, even when you’re moving to the big city of Chicago. If saving money in the long term is an important goal for you, then Illinois is definitely a great destination.

Adapting to the Climate and Weather of Illinois

Illinois may be cheaper, but it’s also a lot colder than San Diego. The winters are quite harsh, so it can take some time to get used to the low temperatures. Many areas of Illinois, including Chicago, also experience heavy snowfall. So, the climate of Illinois during winter can be challenging for people moving from San Diego. Make sure you are well prepared to withstand the cold and that the house you’re moving into has good heating. Other seasons in Illinois are quite enjoyable. Chicago, in particular, has a mix of both shorelines and inland areas, so you can enjoy the breeze lakeshore climate as well.

Culture, Food, and Entertainment in Illinois

The hub of cultural activity and entertainment in Illinois is the city of Chicago. Other smaller cities do not influence Illinois’s overall culture, and rural towns are usually quaint and peaceful. Chicago, on the other hand, is vibrant and bustling with activity. Performance arts like music and dance are integral to the culture and entertainment scene. There are numerous museums, theatres, and galleries to visit and explore. The people are very welcoming, and there’s a lot of diversity around.

As for food and dining, there’s no shortage of quality restaurants and eateries, which is to be expected of any big city in the US. You’ll have countless options to try out not just typical American dishes but delicious cuisines from all around the world. But make sure you try out the city’s signature dishes such as the deep-dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s, hot dogs at Portillo’s, and classic Chicago doughnuts.

Landscape and Geography

Illinois has a diverse landscape with a mix of both urban settings and the raw, natural beauty of rural areas. We’ve already said much about Chicago – the third biggest city in the entire country. But there are also large portions of fertile agricultural lands and prairies, around which many farming towns have settled. That is why it has also earned its nickname, “The Prairie state.” While most of the state consists of flat regions, the southern region – Shawnee Hills – is made of hilly terrain, forests, and rivers. The Shawnee National Forest in this region is a popular place to visit for fun recreational activities.

Securing Employment Opportunities in Illinois

The job market in Chicago is quite similar to that in San Diego. There are plenty of employment opportunities for people with in-demand skills and professional expertise. But it also depends on many factors like the industry in which you work, specialization, years of experience, etc. If you haven’t already found work in Illinois, you should start searching and applying early on because it’s advisable to only make your move after you have secured a job.

Finding the Perfect Home in Illinois

Again, compared to San Diego, housing is much cheaper in Chicago. If you consider other suburbs and towns in Illinois, then properties get even cheaper. If you own a property in San Diego, selling it and buying a new home in Illinois would benefit you. But just like searching for jobs, you should also scout for homes well in advance before planning your relocation. The housing market isn’t too bad, and you can definitely find many wonderful homes in different parts of Illinois.

Enjoy a Convenient and Seamless Move to Illinois with Professional Movers

Moving to Illinois means you have a lot to plan and work on. After all, starting a new life in a new state will be quite a challenge. But the one thing you don’t have to worry about is the relocation process, because a professional mover can get the job done for you. So once you’ve got everything covered and ready to move, Oakley Relocation can come to your service.

We are a highly trusted, long-running, full-service relocation company operating since 2008 with a large and well-connected network all over the nation. With our expertise and expertise, we can assure you that your move from California to Illinois will be seamless so that you can sit back, relax, and let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

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