7 Things to Know Before Moving From San Diego to San Bernardino, CA

7 Things to Know Before Moving From San Diego to San Bernardino, CA

Aug 28, 2023

Moving to a new city is always challenging, especially to one you know little about. Most Americans would easily recognize San Diego but not San Bernardino, despite the cities being located in the same state and close to one another. Thus, limited knowledge of what it’s like to move to San Bernardino is expected. To help bridge this knowledge gap and help you prepare for a less stressful transition, here are 7 important things to know.

Aerial View of the Skyline of San Bernardino, California
Aerial View of the Skyline of San Bernardino, California

You Won’t Miss San Diego That Much

When moving to a new place, many people suffer from homesickness. They miss their old home and neighborhood. And that is natural. But when you move from San Diego to San Bernardino, you won’t be going too far from your current home city. 

The distance between the two Sans is 107 miles. It should take you about 2 hours to travel between the cities by following I-15 N and I-215 N. That distance makes San Diego an easy day trip or weekend getaway, where you can revisit your favorite sports, events, restaurants, attractions and people without spending too much time or money planning your trip. 

While San Bernardino doesn’t have the grandeur, glitz, and glam of the other San, it is far from a laid-back town and has much politically and culturally in common with San Diego. It has a vibrant ecosystem with dozens of entertainment and cultural options. The city serves as an economic and political hub for the Inland Empire area and for the San Bernando Valley. Thus, its importance is growing within California, and it is more than able to satisfy your need for a familiar location AND a new adventure.

No More Beaches

One of the biggest differences between San Diego and San Bernardino is the beach (Or lack thereof). San Diego is renowned for its seventy miles of rich coastline. Thus, beach life is abundant. San Onofre, Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Solana beaches attract tourists from around the state and nearby states.

When you move to San Bernardino, you have to bid adieu to all of this. San Bernardino is far away from the coastal area. It does have lakes and other waterbodies but not beaches. So, if you can’t resist the beach vibes, you will have to plan to drive to the nearest beaches, which fortunately, are abundant.

In fact, consider your relocation to be an opportunity to explore other beaches. Los Angeles is merely 60 miles from the city and has a thriving beach culture, while Huntington Beach is only 62 miles away.

Lower Cost of Living

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San Diego is notoriously expensive. One of the biggest perks of moving from San Diego to San Bernardino is the lower cost of living.

Courtesy of higher demand and lower supply, the cost of living is high in San Diego. It is 60 percent higher than the national average and almost 11 percent higher than the state average. The average monthly rental amount is $3,016. Likewise, a family of four is expected to incur a monthly expense of $4,872, and a single person around $1,400.

San Bernardino is on the cheaper side. The average cost of living for the same family is around $2,524 without rent and approximately $4,100 with rent. A single person is expected to bear $2,000 and $800 with and without rent, respectively. This sharp drop in prices could leave you with a little extra leeway in your monthly budget. 

Affordable Housing Market Compared to San Diego

Just like the cost of living, the housing market in San Bernardino is on the lower side. And the difference is significant when compared to a city like San Diego.

The median home value in San Bernardino is approximately $293,000, which is slightly above the national average of $244,000. Compare this with the median home value of San Diego, which is in the range of $900,000 , and you will understand the significant difference. Because of this difference, many people choose to settle outside San Diego and pick San Bernardino as their destination.

The city has a dense suburban feel and a calm environment to raise a family. Most of the public schools in San Bernardino perform above average.

Valley College, Del Rosa, Verdemont, Redlands, and Loma Linda are some popular neighborhoods among homeowners.

Fewer Job Opportunities

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One change that may not be as positive as the lower cost of living is a labor market that is below par in the city with high poverty rates. There aren’t many tech companies or private firms in the region. The primary employment options are government agencies and small and mid-sized businesses.

San Bernardino is home to government offices of El Salvador, Mexico, and Guatemala. Furthermore, there’s the San Bernardino County Office that recruits candidates year-round. There are a lot of private businesses that need workers now and then. So, jobs aren’t non-existent, but you may want to make sure you know how you will be earning a living before you relocate. 

Above Average Crime Rate

High crime rates often accompany a city with high poverty. And that’s the case with San Bernardino. The crime rate in the city is a matter of concern.

The violent crime rate in San Bernardino stands at 56.9, which is much higher than the national average. More alarmingly, it has one of the highest murder rates in California. Gangs are common in some parts of the city despite having a strong police network.

So, if you’re looking to settle down permanently in San Bernardino or want to raise a family, high-security precautions are necessary. Install security cams and safety features throughout your home. Choose safer neighborhoods that have low crime rates, and always stay vigilant.

Lots of Recreation and Outdoor Options

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Despite the flaws, San Bernardino should be appreciated for its abundance of outdoor opportunities. In the city, you will be close to the San Bernardino National Forest. It is a few miles from the city and hosts several picturesque biking and hiking trails. These trails will take you through the mountains, forests, and lakes in the region. Many families go on short vacations into the forest and enjoy a good time together.

Within the city, you have several public parks that are well-maintained. The Littlefield Shultis Community Park, Meadowbrook Fields, and Bobby Vega Park are among the 31 public playgrounds operating throughout the city.

Weather is another aspect that favors the residents. It’s neither too cold nor too hot, and you can enjoy a blissful climate throughout the year. It won’t be much different from San Diego.

With affordable living and property prices, San Bernardino attracts folks to come and enjoy the suburban Californian vibes. That being said, best of luck with your move to a new city.

Simplifying Your Move from San Diego to San Bernardino, CA

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