7 Things To Know Before Moving From San Diego to San Jose

7 Things To Know Before Moving From San Diego to San Jose

Oct 30, 2023

Diverse, innovative, sprawling and tech-savvy, San Jose is not as famous as San Diego, but it is an exciting place to live, work, and play. Positioned as the largest city in Northern California, and just a little smaller than its southern counterpart, it is also an urban area that will make you feel right at home after a move from San Diego. However, if you are moving from San Diego to San Jose, CA, you should be prepared for some differences between the two cities. Here are 7 of the most important. 

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San Jose thrives on tech

Known as the Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose is home to more than 6,600 tech-related businesses and an abundance of tech-related jobs. Here you will find businesses such as Cisco and PayPal, Netflix and Adobe. If you want to commute a short distance, you could also use San Jose to access employment in places such as Apple. 

Paired with these tech giants are numerous, high-paying jobs, such as software engineer or IT specialist. Whether you already have experience in technology or want to start a new career in your new home, finding a tech job should be easy in this innovative city. 

San Jose has one of the nation’s highest costs of living

Before moving from San Diego to San Jose, CA, you should make sure your salary can cover an increase in expenses. While San Diego is extremely pricey, San Jose’s essentials cost about 15.5% more. Areas that will cost you extra in San Jose: Groceries, healthcare, transportation, and housing. 

Create a budget before you move based on your expected salary. Make sure that it can cover the new costs you will experience in your new home. But try not to worry too much: Salaries in San Jose are often higher than those in San Diego, to help compensate for the increased cost of living. 

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San Jose houses can cost over $1 million

The high cost of living in San Jose is no more evident than in the median home price in the area. Known for its million dollar + homes, the city’s housing is more than 4x the national average. Expect to pay a median price of $1,184,400 for your home. 

Want to rent instead? The average rent is about $3,000 for a small apartment. If you want to save a little money on housing, you could try looking in the northwest part of the city. The wealthiest, and priciest, areas of the city are in the east. 

Regardless of where you live, find housing you can afford before you move to San Jose from San Diego. Knowing you have a place to live that fits within your budget can give you peace of mind during your relocation. 

San Jose offers endless options for entertainment 

San Jose loves to have fun. When you move here from San Diego, you will find a place to indulge in all of your hobbies, from eating to hiking to swimming. 

For example, if you love history, you can explore the Winchester Mystery House or the San Jose Museum of Art. Take a historic walking tour of the downtown, or visit the Egyptian or Japanese American museums in the city.

If you love the beach, you will not be disappointed. San Jose is close to beautiful waterfront areas, such as Santa Cruz Beach or Gray Whale Cove or Davenport Beach. Surfing, swimming, sunbathing and more will be within your reach. 

Other areas to enjoy within and near the city include the following: 

  • Ano Nuevo State Park
  • Santana Row
  • Westgate Center (shopping)
  • Hockey
  • Bar tours
  • Zoo

Expect congestion alongside public transportation in San Jose

San Jose is a large, sprawling urban area, known for frequent congestion in the most popular parts of the city. Congestion tends to be worse in the northern part of the city, as you near the heavily-populated San Francisco Bay area. 

Despite the potential traffic problems, San Jose is navigable, thanks to a strong public transportation system. This system includes the following: light rail trans, the VTA (Valley Transportation Authority) bus line, the Bay Area Rapid Transit System and the Cal train. 

Despite congestion problems, you may still want to use a car in the city. The large square mileage of the area makes it practical to have a vehicle to get to areas that may not be easily served by public transportation. 

San Jose is safe

Large cities often have a reputation for violent crime. However, San Jose combats this stereotype by providing numerous safe, secure and family-friendly neighborhoods where you and your family can live peacefully. Want to avoid the highest-crime areas of the city? Try to avoid Buena Vista, Alum Rock, the East Foothills and Edenvale. 

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San Jose is a green city

Finally, before moving from San Diego to San Jose, CA, prepare for life in a city that is passionate about the environment. Many of the city’s initiatives have been based on the 2007 Green Vision. This 15-year plan includes the following goals:

  • 100,000 new trees
  • Implementing the ability to turn waste into energy
  • 25,000 clean tech jobs
  • Generate enough electricity to power the city from renewable resources 

If you are planning a move from San Diego to San Jose, CA, you should entrust your relocation to Oakley Relocation. We specialize in short and long-distance moves and can get you where you need to go within your timeframe and your budget. Contact us today!

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