10 Things to Know Before Moving From San Diego to Virginia Beach VA

10 Things to Know Before Moving From San Diego to Virginia Beach VA

Nov 16, 2023

Moving to Virginia Beach is indeed rewarding. There are so many things to look forward to: vast swathes of beach, proximity to Washington and the American President, multicultural society, and a solid job market. But there are also a few undesirable things, like loud jet noise and long summers, that you should know about before moving in.

If you’re moving from San Diego to Virginia Beach, VA, for professional or personal reasons, this article is for you. Here, we will explain the 10 things you should keep in mind before making the move.

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1. You May Think You’ve Moved into a Rural Town

Virginia Beach is the most populous city in Virginia, with a busy corporate and nightlife. Despite that, you’ll feel you’ve landed in a rural town. That’s because you’re moving in from San Diego, one of the most prominent cities in the US. Thus, in comparison, Virginia Beach will feel like a small, sleepy town.

Virginia Beach is a resort city characterized by a suburban feel. The population is about 4,58,000, which is one-third of San Diego’s population. So that’s one thing.

Moreover, many people come here for leisure purposes. Such a large influx of tourists makes the city more relaxed.

But Virginia Beach also has an ever-growing economy and corporate sector. So it’s far from a sleepy, rural town.

2. Surreal Beach Life

The city of Virginia Beach holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest pleasure beach in the world. And truth be told, the beaches define the city more than anything.

The oceanfront and boardwalk are at the center of attention for beachgoers. The 3-mile boardwalk stretches 40 city blocks and is home to varied restaurants, pubs, and hotels.

A quieter option lies in the southern part of the city. Sandbridge Beach attracts relatively fewer crowds but is equally charming. The serenity and near-deserted coastline are the major propositions.

Other top-rated beaches are The Chick’s Beach, Croatan Beach, North End Beach, and Sandpiper’s Beach.

So surely you won’t miss the beach life once you leave San Diego.

3. History Runs Deep in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a place with rich historical significance. The first European settlement was Jamestown, 65 miles from the beach city. A lot of activity happened in this region during the colonial and post-colonial eras.

The Military Aviation Museum houses one of the largest collections of airplanes used in WW2 and the Korean War. Pictures and images depict the real story of the era and show both sides of the war.

Cape Henry Lighthouse is another prominent historical center. It was located near the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and was lighted by George Washington himself. For years, it served as a functioning military base.

Besides that, you can find other landmarks that will travel you back in time.

View of the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains from Little Stony Man Cliffs, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

4. An Outdoor Paradise

Virginia is home to the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah Valley, and acres and acres of national parks. And Virginia Beach makes these easily accessible to you.

Water sports is arguably the most popular outdoor activity among the residents. The beaches offer ample opportunities for kayaking, swimming, paddle-boarding, jet skiing, boating, or simply sunbathing. Ziplining at the Virginia Aquarium is another thrilling activity you should not miss.

The closest conservation park from Virginia Beach is the First Landing State Park, just 2 miles away. So get prepared to wear your boots and hike through seven distinct ecosystems. There are a total of nine trails that are ideal for walking, running, biking, and hiking.

5. Exceptionally Low Crime Rate

San Diego is one of the safest cities in the US. Thankfully, Virginia Beach holds a similar status.

The crime rate in Virginia Beach is quite low, which is only trending lower thanks to the use of technology in the city. In 2022, the city recorded 8,941 crimes, of which only 5.7% were categorized as violent crimes.

Thus, the city offers a safe environment to lead a life and raise a family.

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6. Comparatively Lower Cost of Living

San Diego is great, but it’s notoriously expensive. In 2023, it was ranked as the most expensive US city to live. So, in comparison, any city would have a lower cost of living. But just how low is Virginia Beach CoL exactly?

The average cost of living in Virginia Beach for a family of 4 is around $4,953 per month. This is far lower than San Diego’s figure of $7,610. Out of $4,953, rent is about half or $2,513. But as with any other city, you can optimize rent by living in a neighborhood with lower rental value. Groceries are on par with the national average in Virginia, and so are utilities.

So, all in all, you can expect a significant reduction in the cost of living once you move to Virginia Beach from San Diego.

7. Be Wary of the Allergy Season

Mountains aren’t only about lush green trees and bushes. They’re also a source of pollen. Coupled with the formidable Atlantic Ocean, they create ideal conditions for the proliferation of allergies.

Allergy season in Virginia typically runs from February to early summer. Of all the cities, Richmond is considered the worst for allergy sufferers. While Virginia Beach is 100 miles away from it, you should still expect allergies. So, take special measures for those suffering from some form of allergy.

8. Get Accustomed to Jet Noise

Virginia Beach is home to multiple naval bases. There is the Norfolk Naval Station, the Oceana, the Little Creek Amphibious Base, and the Dam Neck. While the residents are proud of their defense forces, they complain about the jet noise. In fact, such a tussle has been ongoing since 1997.

Thus, you should remember that jet flyby may cause minor to moderate disruption in your daily life.

However, not all areas are prone to jet noise. Follow the Jet Noise Map to pin down the locality that is least affected by such noise.

Aerial View of the skyline of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront looking South

9. Long, Hot Summers

San Diego was characterized by Mediterranean weather with warm days. Virginia Beach has longer sunny days but is characterized as hot and humid. Because of the increased intensity, the summers may be longer and exhausting, especially when moving in from San Diego.

Virginia Beach experiences four distinct seasons. The summer runs from June through September. The winters, just like in San Diego, are shorter than summers.

One thing that makes summer intolerable for some is the high humidity. Don’t be surprised if you sweat throughout the day in months like July or August, which is the peak summer season. You’d also have to protect your home from mold, which prefers humid climates.

10. Hire a Reliable Moving Company for Handling Your Goods

San Diego and Virginia Beach are miles apart, approximately 2,705 miles. You’ll essentially be moving from one part of the country to another. Thus, to ensure the safety of your belongings, you should work with a reliable moving company with expertise in handling such moves.

Conduct proper research and read through reviews before hiring a company. Seek quotations and compare the services to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

If you’re considering moving from San Diego to Virginia Beach, VA, rely on Oakley Relocation to manage your move. Reach out to us today for a smooth and stress-free moving experience!

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