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Save Money During Your San Diego Move

Dec 20, 2015

Hello San Diego movers! Are you getting ready for the big move and realizing how costly it can be? Many San Diego movers find themselves in a similar situation. A major relocation can mean some major costs. Here are a few ways to save when you are getting ready for moving day.

Free Boxes

Strangely enough, moving boxes are expensive. Before spend the money on cardboard boxes, try to find as many free ones as possible. Ask friends and relatives for unneeded boxes, ask local grocery stores for old produce boxes and check websites like Craigslist. Using recycled boxes is good for the environment and good for your wallet.

Plan Ahead

The moment you know that you are moving is the moment you should start finding the moving company for you. The sooner you know who will be moving you from house to house the sooner you can get started. Moving trucks are often booked for weeks in advance. Hiring a moving company at the last minute is going to be difficult, stressful and expensive.

Lose the Excess

The fewer belongings you have, the less expensive your move is going to be. Try to sell or donate the things you have collected over the years but will no longer need at your new home. Try and rid yourself of the excess in the weeks and months leading up to your move. Use the money you make selling your items to help pay for your big move! If you need help relocating, contact us for your free moving quote.

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