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Tips For Moving in the Winter Months

Dec 11, 2015

For most moving in the winter means moving in ice, snow, and cold. If you are moving to San Diego  you won’t have much difficulty moving during winter months. Below are some simple suggestions on how to make your next winter move easier should you be moving elsewhere.

Shovel and salt pathways

It is very important to have your walkways, staircases, driveways, and paths clear of ice and snow. A slip and fall while moving can be very dangerous and embarrassing! Regardless of how clear your driveways and walkways are, make sure to walk slowly while moving your belongings. Black ice could have formed and can create a very slick surface. Take your time to ensure your safety.

Dress warm and in layers

You may get warm during your move and want to wear less during it, but be sure to keep warm items around for before and after it. Items like coats, blankets, and boots should not be packed away into the moving truck until the last minute. Who knows what could happen? What if the heat in your current home breaks during your move? It is always good to be prepared, so have some warm items on hand just in case.

Keep the heat on

If your energy company has your heat turned off during your winter move, this could create a huge problem. Find out if your new home will be heated by the time you move in. If it is, go to your new home before you start moving and turn the heat on to ensure a toasty home to relax in afterwards. If it is not, invest in a couple of space heaters to stay warm throughout the night with.

If you need help moving this winter, contact us for your free moving quote.

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