How to Choose the Right San Diego County Storage Solution for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right San Diego County Storage Solution for Your Needs

Jun 14, 2023

Often, moving forces you to deal with space issues. Whether you are downsizing your home, renting an apartment while your house is finished, or looking for a place to keep seasonal items, finding a secure, reliable storage facility is critical. Storage solutions in San Diego may be abundant, but they are not all excellent. To help you identify the ones that will serve your needs best, here is an overview of the world of storage in San Diego County. 

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Explore Your Storage Option Types

Short-Term Storage

Short-term storage is designed to secure your belongings for up to 3 months. This type of storage is ideal for situations in which you only need a place to put items while you get things organized or your home situated. For example, you may use this type of storage after a loved one dies while you organize their belongings, between selling your home and closing on your new home, or while living temporarily in smaller quarters while the building of your new home is completed. 

Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage is designed to secure your belongings for months or even years. This type of storage is ideal for situations in which you need a place to store your things on a more permanent basis. For example, you may use this type of storage for seasonal items (such as skis for the winter), family heirlooms you do not have space for in your home, or even large items, such as RVs or boats. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

For delicate or sensitive items, climate-controlled storage is often a desirable option. This type of storage is ideal for belongings such as artwork, electronics, or furniture that could be damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity. You can usually find climate controlled options for both the short and long-term storage of your household goods. 

Specialized Storage

Some items require storage in specialized facilities. For example, here are some of the types of facilities that offer options for specific items or situations: 

  • Business storage – For keeping your inventory secure.
  • 24-hour storage – For accessing important items anytime of the day or night
  • Vehicle storage – For RVs, campers, trucks and cars

Each type of San Diego storage gives you the flexibility to choose the amount of space you require. As a result, you can select, and pay for, only the space you need, whether you are securing a business full of inventory or a few boxes of important items. 

When choosing the right San Diego County solution for your needs, the first place to start is to decide which type of storage solution you require. In order to make your decision more confidently, ask yourself these questions:

  • How long will I need to store my belongings? 
  • Which belongings do I need to secure? 
  • Do any of my items require special care? 
  • How many belongings do I have, and how much space might I require? 

Storage Security Features

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When you store your household items or business inventory, you need to be confident that they will be safe and undisturbed until you need them. Storage facilities may use any of the following security features to prevent damage or theft: 

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras monitor the storage facility around the clock. These systems may also include perimeter alarms, light or motion sensors, and real-time notifications to the facility’s owner if any issues are detected. 

Gate and Storage Locks

One of the most basic safety precautions any storage facility should take is to secure the entry to the facility and each individual unit. For example, keypads into which a code must be entered are often used to prevent unauthorized access to the premises. Your facility may use electronic gates, biometric locks, or other tools to keep your items safe. Your unit should also lock securely in order to discourage theft. 

On Site Staff

Facilities that have people on-site to assist with your belongings and manage the property are an additional security benefit. They are more likely to respond quickly to incidents, respond to your concerns, and notice any problems before they result in the damage or theft of your belongings. 

You may not require a great deal of security for certain personal items, but others may be valuable enough to require the highest level of security you can find. Regardless of what you store, however, you should take care to locate a facility that offers strong security and peace of mind. 

Tips For Choosing The Right San Diego Storage Facility

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In addition to determining what type of storage you need, how much space you need and what security measures you require, there are other steps you can take to find the right facility for your needs. Here are some tips to simplify the process: 

Choose a convenient location

Do not travel hours to access your belongings. Choose a facility close to your home or business that you feel comfortable accessing whenever necessary. 

Look for positive customer reviews

Explore the experiences other customers have had at the facilities you are considering. Look for a place that has strong positive reviews from customers who needed the same types of storage solutions as you. 

Compare prices and contracts

You may not want to commit to the cheapest storage option around, but you do want to get a good value. Compare prices and contract terms to make sure you get the most services possible for your money. 

You have many options when it comes to finding storage in San Diego County. As a full-service moving and storage company in San Diego, Oakley Relocation has the comprehensive storage solutions you need to complement a move of any distance. Contact us today to get the process started.

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