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The Best Time To Move

Aug 26, 2015

Moving to San Diego can be extremely stressful and expensive, but moving during the right time of year can dramatically decrease the amount of stress and lower the costs of moving to San Diego.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Be flexible in terms of choosing your moving date.  This will help you avoid the busy season and pick a time that is more affordable and less stressful.
  2. Move during the spring or fall.  Moving companies usually offer lower rates during these months. Avoid moving from June through September!
  3. Move during the beginning of the month, preferably during the middle of the week.  Moving companies are busier from middle of the month to the end of the month, and are always busier on weekends.  Avoiding these busy moving times can help you save money when hiring a moving company.
  4. Move over the summer or over a holiday if you have children in school.  While it may be more expensive to move during the summer, it will probably be less stressful on your children to relocate when they are not in school.
  5. Coordinate moving dates with your employer. Having a seamless transition will reduce stress in your work life.
  6. Make sure that your new home is available prior to your move out date on your old home.
  7. Schedule a moving date well ahead of time. Rates tend to go up when moves are scheduled on short notice.

With these guidelines in mind, start calling San Diego moving companies and getting estimates today.

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