Two young handsome smiling movers wearing uniforms are unloading

Reconsidering DIY: The Drawbacks of a Self-Guided San Diego Cross-Country Relocation

Mar 14, 2023

Are you planning a cross-country move from San Diego County? Regarding relocating, there is usually a choice – hire movers, or do it yourself. Many people often perceive DIY moves as the better option, mostly because they think hiring movers will be expensive. But for a cross-country move, relocating on your own is not exactly a good idea. Things can get out of hand if you’re not prepared and experienced …

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Happy couple having fun with carboard boxes while moving into new home.

Expert Tips for Preparing Your Home for an Interstate Move from San Diego

Feb 24, 2023

Moving house is third of the top five most stressful events in life. However, if it is approached with the right tools, the right support from professional movers, and the right frame of mind, it can be a breeze. Here we have some guidelines to prep your home so that your interstate move from San Diego is so much easier. Getting Started: Choosing the Ideal Moving Date If you have the …

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CMSA certification Oakley

Oakley Relocation Earns California-Leading Industry Re-Certification

Feb 16, 2023

We are proud to announce that Oakley Relocation has earned re-certification as a member of the California Moving & Storage Association for 2023. This certification with one of the state’s most recognized moving associations indicates Oakley’s ongoing commitment to remain a trustworthy member of the California moving industry and someone consumers can hire with confidence.  About The CMSA Founded in 1918, The CMSA (The California Moving and Storage Association) is …

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October 10th 2021 - Austin , Texas , USA: afternoon sunset aerial drone view above the growing Austin Texas Skyline

10 Essential Insights for Your San Diego-to-Austin Relocation

Feb 15, 2023

Austin is a fast-growing city that is steadily attracting many people from other states and cities. And for good reasons, too, as the city is filled with welcoming people, the job market is active and constantly growing, and it has all the necessary factors to live a good life and improve the standard of living. So if you’re considering relocating from San Diego to Austin for whatever reason, it’s a …

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Denver skyline across city park in autumn

Essential Information for Your Move from San Diego to Denver

Jan 19, 2023

Named one of the fastest-growing U.S. cities in 2022, Denver is a destination location for many San Diego natives. Sunny weather, beautiful natural surroundings, and a diverse culture make the Mile High City an attractive place to move, whether you are pursuing a new job, seeking proximity to family, or simply looking for a new adventure. Before you pack up your belongings, however, make sure you know what to expect when you …

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Seattle Cityscape with Mt. Rainier in the Background at Sunset, Washington, USA

Essential Knowledge for Your San Diego-to-Seattle Relocation

Jan 05, 2023

From one of the most expensive cities in America to another, from the warm sun to the cool wet, from beach vibes to endless greenery, moving from San Diego to Seattle brings with it many changes. In order to make the most of this potentially rewarding relocation, you need to know what to expect – And prepare appropriately. Here are 10 of the most important things to know before moving …

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La Jolla Shores in La Jolla San Diego, Southern California Coast

5 Dos and Don’ts for Moving Small Loads Across Country

Dec 26, 2022

When planning a small long-distance move to or from San Diego, there are many aspects to consider. At first, you may think that a small move might not be as complicated, but you can never be too careful about it. Moving small loads across the country will not be the same as moving full-house or heavy loads, so you can’t plan the same way for it. Special preparation is required …

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Loaders taking furniture from truck

How to Pick The Right Mover For a Cross-country Move

Dec 21, 2022

Are you planning to relocate to or out of California? Relocating to a new place is always a tedious task, both physically and mentally. And when you have to move cross-country, it gets even more challenging. Now consider that California is even larger than Germany and is almost as populated as Canada! A cross-country move to or from this state will not be a breeze. Of course, nowadays, you can …

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Brooklyn bridge at dusk, New York City

10 Things to Know Before Moving From San Diego to NYC

Dec 06, 2022

From San Diego’s renowned sunshine to New York City’s iconic skyline. From the West Coast to the East Coast. From surfing the waves to surfing the subways. Moving from San Diego to NYC is a major life change – But it can be an exciting one, if you know what to expect. To help you prepare, here is a look at 10 things you should know before moving from San …

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Chicago downtown

10 Things to Know Before Moving From San Diego to Chicago

Nov 08, 2022

That being said, you can find safe places to live in the Windy City. Some of the safest neighborhoods include Forest Glen, Lincoln Park, Lake View, and Norwood Park. Find a secure place to reside, and the higher crime rates may not be a big issue after your move.  Neighborhoods Chicago consists of many different neighborhoods. The best part? Each of these neighborhoods is unique, providing a way for you to find …

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