Tips for an environmentally friendly move

Oct 09, 2015

If you are moving and have noticed all the boxes and driving that occurs during a move you may be wondering how you can be more environmentally conscious while packing up. Below are some things to consider for a greener move. Tips for a Greener Move 1. Rent reusable hand trucks 2. Get Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified moving boxes 3. Rent Plastic Crates 4. Rent Late Model Trucks (Preferably Diesel!) …

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San Diego is a capitol of quirkiness

Oct 01, 2015

San Diego locals love their city for a variety of reasons. It has a great art culture, wonderful weather, a young population, miles of beaches and loves local history. There are many things you can only find in San Diego. CNN Story of San Diego’s Quirkiness CNN did a story about some of the quirkiest things that will capture your heart here in this sunny city. The attractions range from …

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Moving Tips: Sell Your Home

Sep 17, 2015

Steps to Get Your House Ready to Show It’s always a good idea to get your house as clean as possible before showing it to prospective buyers. You should clean the carpets, tile and other flooring surfaces as well as the appliances in your kitchen. If you really want to get everything it can also be a good idea to hire a cleaning service to catch those places you might …

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Come Support Chef Showdown with Oakley Relocation

Sep 02, 2015

Chef Showdown will be returning to San Diego! Chef Showdown is an Iron Chef style competition that is sure to be an enjoyable event.  Proceeds go towards the Center of Community Solutions which works to end domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse in our community. Oakley Relocation supports Chef Showdown every year and would like to spread the word about this awesome event. If you love the culinary arts, …

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The Best Time To Move

Aug 26, 2015

Moving to San Diego can be extremely stressful and expensive, but moving during the right time of year can dramatically decrease the amount of stress and lower the costs of moving to San Diego. Rules and Guidelines Be flexible in terms of choosing your moving date.  This will help you avoid the busy season and pick a time that is more affordable and less stressful. Move during the spring or fall.  Moving …

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Downsizing Your Home? Sell Your Furniture

Aug 17, 2015

Have you been trying to get rid of your old furniture to no avail? The Wall Street Journal published an article regarding a decline in desire for heirloom furniture. While the quality of the furniture might still be good many people find it easier to buy cheap furniture from places like Walmart, Target and IKEA. Sometimes these new items fit better in a home because large furniture can fit awkwardly in newer …

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Moving Tips: After The Big Move

Aug 13, 2015

Tips for After Everything is Moved You’ve arrived at your new house and your moving company has unloaded your boxes and furniture. Now it’s time to unpack, organize and decorate. Making your new house a home is an exciting part of relocation and taking time in the first month to plan your house’s future will help you make the best of your new home. It will take a few weeks to feel …

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Tips For Moving Your Home Gym

Aug 12, 2015

Having a home gym is great. You avoid paying membership fees, sharing gym equipment, and eliminate the cost and hassle of driving to the gym. A home gym is a major convenience, that is, until you move. Many large workout machines, such as ellipticals, are difficult to disassemble, heavy, and challenging to fit through doorways. Below are some tips to help you relocate your gym equipment with ease. Home Gym Moving Tips: …

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Long distance moving company

Aug 08, 2015

A long distance relocation will require planning, preparation and hard work. You will have a lot of important decisions to make regarding the moving process, whether you are moving a couple states away or across the country. You will want to make sure that you hire a long distance relocation company that you can trust. Long Distance Relocation Services While some companies only offer specific packages, our long distance relocation services are …

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Moving the Elderly

Jul 15, 2015

When moving seniors, it’s best to do all possible to make a quick and easy moving day. It’s best to do their packing for them, or move little bits at a time far ahead of the date. A whole lot of memories go into everything they own, give them time to sort through all their things, before packing or throughing something out. If there aren’t many to help, consider a professional …

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